Monday, July 23, 2007

The National Product Survive Fiery Wreck

(This is fully quoted from a press release. Even if you don't know or don't like the band, it's good reading.)


Late Friday night while driving to Calgary the members in National Product totaled their van. Luckily everyone in the band is fine. The following is written by singer Danny Casler:

Long story short, we were driving from an amazing show in Regina to Calgary . We started to smell brakes burning and assumed it was the semi truck in front of us. As we were coming down the hill going about 70+ mph our driver mentioned that he felt we were losing power and not more than 30 seconds after that our van slammed to the pavement and we started to fish-tale with a full trailer. Everybody was scared to death just from the slamming down. We thought our tire blew. That's when we looked out the window, still skidding 150 yards towards a revine/stream and light pole, and we saw OUR tire on FIRE rolling past us. We finally came to a stop and our breakwell completely burst into flames and the majority of the dudes took off. Our tour manager and I grabbed the cooler which contained melted ice, 5 Pabst Blue Ribbons and a bottle of water.

We threw the cooler contents, cans and all onto the fire and it blew up even larger fusing the beers onto our snapped axle from the heat. The other dudes began throwing sand on it which finally ended the fire.

We had ambulance, fire trucks and everything to us in a matter of minutes without even calling them. The police came and were total dicks.

We lived but lost our vehicle forever which has been our home. The Black Pearl as we like to call her has taken us throughout all of Mexico , the USA and now Canada where she will become a Pabst Blue Ribbon can one day.

I wanna give mad love to Pabst blue Ribbon for helping put out the fire, the dudes at Canadian Tire for really helping us during our biggest stress of the year and all the kids from Calgary and Edmonton who gave us money to help us. We are eternally grateful and aware that without rain, we wouldn't appreciate the sun. The most important thing is that we are all safe and even more, that humanity is still a really rad fuckin’ thing, minus the dick cop who could care less, eh!

See you all in the coming months with Panic Division, Transit War, An Angle, Paulson, Ivoryline and more. Xoxo

--National Product

National Product’s debut release Luna will be in-stores August 7.

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