Monday, July 16, 2007

Friday Night: Kite Flying Society, Red Pony Clock, Scarlet Symphony, Aleuchatistas, Sleeping People

Friday night I didn’t quite motivate early enough for the South Park Walkabout, but I did get Natalie and make it in time for Pussy Galore at the Whistle Stop. Kite Flying Society was already playing when we got there with movies running on a screen as a backdrop. It was that backdrop and the fact that the room was packed that I opted to keep my camera in my purse for most of the evening. Kite Flying’s set was of mostly new stuff that will be on their next release, tentatively expected to drop in September will all of it’s picnic-in-the-park style la la and ooh oooh goodness. It seems like Kelly’s backup vocals are more pronounced in the new material, which to me could never be a bad thing.

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Kelly Duley and Dennis Tashima

Red Pony Clock also played but by that point, the bar was even more crowded and I was busy talking with friends. It seems a kinda theme at Whistle Stop, that bands play the soundtrack to socializing versus being a “show” where every shuts up and listens intently (or at least should shut up). I like Red Pony Clock’s quirky indie music and hope they were able to get a drummer for their tour.

When the band finished, the dj music cranked up, and though it was Sunset Rubdown (or was that Wolf Parade), I’m not much for yelling over music, so I headed to my next destination. Natalie stuck around with her friends who would give her a ride since she lives close by.

I headed to the Tower Bar for Scarlet Symphony. There was a short line that disappeared while I stood outside talking to Dustin and Andrew. Inside, Mick made me a special somethin’ somethin’ and I made my way toward the front where Abraham let me scoot in front. Scarlet Symphony is engaging but even more than that, their big fans are rabid, singing along with every song and dancing their asses off.

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Scarlet Symphony

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After a few songs and a few bumps too many, I decided that I didn’t want yet another night of wearing my drink and made my way out of the crowd. After a few more songs, I realized how late it had become and didn’t wanna go overboard with another drink, so I called it a night there, too.

I headed back home, dropped off my car and walked to the Ken, where Sleeping People were playing. I appreciate their talent and all, but was more content sitting at the bar as the night wound down. I met Derek, the bassist for Aleuchatistas who was really, really cool. They were on tour from North Carolina. He asked why I wasn’t in watching the band, I answered that I wasn’t in the mood for what I thought would be proggy mathy cock rock and he said, “then you should be glad you missed us, too.”

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Derek (Aleuchatistas) & me

Though, for the record, Devlin, the Ken Club bartender loved them, and he pretty much doesn’t like 90% of the bands that play there. No offense to other bands, it just is what it is. So anyway, a high compliment to the Aleuchatistas (who have also never received less than an 8 on Pitchfork, if that has any standing with you.) Derek introduced me to his bandmates, we hung out for a while longer, until the lights were on and the bartenders were kicking everyone out.

Casey was having an after party and the Aleuchetistas were staying with him, but they were still unloading gear, so the band came to my house for a beer, until Casey and everyone was back home and ready for them to come over.

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I went with them to Casey & Danny's and everyone was pretty mellow hanging out, geeking out on vinyl and Rob Crow talking about…wait, I have no idea what he was talking about.

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Anyway, I stuck around until I realized 5 am was rapidly approaching and I had to be up relatively early on Saturday, so I said my goodbyes and was on my way...not a bad way to start a Friday.

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Unknown said...

It's like "Last Night's Party" with more beards.

The Ken bartenders don't seem to like their jobs very much. Just one of my angry hobby horses: people who don't like live music but are more than happy to make money from it.

Wait, I think I just described 85% of people in the music industry--except they aren't making money off it anymore ;-)