Thursday, July 12, 2007

TONIGHT! TONIGHT!! Dusty Rhodes and The River Band and Di Nigunim

So I got a call this morning about a miscommunication (shocking) between a certain band and a certain venue and Dusty Rhodes and the River Band was going to be left without an opening band again. Fortunately last time they played, I wrote a little list of bands I thought they should play with in the future. A couple phone calls later, and now Der Nigunim will be opening this show. Woo hoo. Even better, since the marketing wizards (note: Jamal is not in marketing) at HoB seem to forget about their sidestage shows, Jamal just told me that they'll make tonight a FREE show. I can feel the magic already.

House of Blues Sidestage

Dusty Rhodes and The River Band
Di Nigunim

I will be there. You will be, too. You know you want to.


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Natalie said...

damn. i was hoping for a night off. damn you rosey, damn you!