Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sometimes Its All About Outsourcing

made it to the Maximo Park show just before they started, completely missing the openers and whatnot. It was kind of a wild day. At the end of the night, my friend Dave handed me a setlist asking, "do I have to do your job for you?" And the truth is, I was unwinding and happy to be at the sold out Maximo Park show at the Casbah, but there was no way for me to smuggle myself up for pics and Natalie and Dave seemed to be doing so well that I was just taking the whole night easy. Then I saw Greg who agreed to write up a review and voila, I was off the hook from being a responsible blogger.

So check back here for a review of Maximo Park from a real fan, Greg; pics from camera-in-your-face Dave, the Setlist that Dave snagged for me, and a shitload of pics from completely non-show related moments. Because sometimes, those are the best ones of all...

FYI, Filter sent me posters for the show but forgot to mark them Saturday delivery. So they'll arrive on Monday. Hit me up if you'd like one and I'll somehow make sure you get one.

I hope everyone's Saturday was as awesome as mine was. Sunday will be a pajama and internet day for me and I can't wait to be the laziest girl in town...

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