Saturday, July 28, 2007

Dappled Cities: Vision Bell (YouTube Clip)

So yeah, I went out tonight and accomplished my goal of making 3 great shows. Thank God for rock n roll and the inevitable late start for bands, because I got to see Red Feathers who were amazing, Old Man Hands who seriously make me cry the good cry on the inside, then Ghost Buffalo and the North Atlantic at Black Box Studios (which thankfully I remembered the whole 'enter through the alley' thing), then Swedish Models and The Muslims at the Ken Club.

But before I went out, I found the time to upload video from the Dappled Cities show. And I admit, I was such a dork to wear the shirt out tonight, but I guess it was good advertising because I got so many comments from people who had gone to the show and agreed that the show was amazing beyond expectation and also a number of people asking about it and regretful that they missed it all. The bottom line is Dappled Cities has to come back to San Diego soon.

Anyway, I'm sorry for the crap lighting but the sound ain't half bad and I thought it good enough to post this video of Dappled Cities performing "Vision Bell". If you can't handle the lighting, just turn it on and troll the web while listening...

I'd like to dedicate this post to Natalie because at the end of the song he's doing the little birdie noises that were getting us all hot and bothered. Yeah. Fan? Blogger? Or Groupie?

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