Tuesday, July 24, 2007

SCMX: SoCo Music Experience- FREE SHOW! Flaming Lips!

Earlier this week, I mentioned the FREE Southern Comfort Music Experience show that will be coming back to San Diego and at that point I was only aware of DJ Z Trip's appearance.

Now the official lineup has been released:

The Flaming Lips
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
DJ Z-Trip
Delta Spirit

Last year, there was a 2nd stage of all local acts, so hopefully that will be added again this year. It was my original understanding that the even would take place on August 24th and 25th, then I was told it was cut to one day, but that information appears to be incorrect and hopefully allows for lots of gaps in the lineup to fill with San Diego's best bands. I nominate Swim Party, Republic of Letters and the Vision of a Dying World. (two cents)

The event is 21+. According to Owen at FM 94/9, the event will take place at the Petco Park parking lots. All you whiners complaining about Street Scene not being downtown better show up.


Reelmandy said...

Just when I thought the news couldn't get any better than LiLo going to jail, now the FLAMING LIPS!!! are playing a FREE!!! show in sd? God, I hope all the lippies come out and outnumber the idiot downtown people. One can hope.

Collapsingnewpeople said...

Hey Rosemary, It's true! That is the mainstage lineup! I am also working as M.C. and consultant to the festival. I also run around and interview all the bands on camera. I signed on with the experience and hosted my first show in Atlanta with Cypress Hill, Wolfmother, Mickey Avalon (do I have stories), Sick Puppies.

We also have a local stage and are nailing that line up NOW! Names like Reeve Oliver, Scarlet Symphony and others are being thrown around. Not bad fo free!