Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Transit War Lineup Change

To all of our friends,

It is truly impossible to find words with weight enough to convey the joy that is being The Transit War, namely, the joy that comes from a life long commitment to the creative journey. Music, like so many other art forms, is about loving the process and movement and change. Being committed to joining that passion with hard work, selflessness, and sacrifice is what being in a band is about. That being said, we’ve been going through some personal changes of our own and The Transit War and Jim Hughes have decided to part ways. The separation is hardly anything gossip worthy. Rather, our sights are set on the future and our hearts are always with Jim in his endeavors.

We’re looking forward to the rest of this year as there are exciting things on the horizon. We’ll be doing a string of tour dates towards the end of this month in Arizona and California and are finalizing national tour plans for the fall. In addition, we’ve been working on lots of new material and intend to have a new release (as of now an EP) before the year is out. Also, keep your eyes and ears peeled for the “Punk the Clock” compilation as we’ve got a brand new song on there, and a new video on the way too. It’s one thing for us here in The Transit War to love making music as much as we do, but to feel the love and support the way we have from so many of you, and to allow us to share our music with you, is truly everything. We’ll see you soon.


Brad, Mike, Jaime

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