Tuesday, February 28, 2023

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Kaja at San Diego Zoo (2.22.23)

As a native San Diegan, I've always considered February & March to be spring. It was always my favorite time to do outside stuff like Sunset Cliffs or tidepools because of the absence of tourists and the typically moderate weather before the prolonged May Gray/June Gloom season. But this weather this week and this season has been so different and while I love it generally, I also heed the warnings...I'm not parking by any of the numerous Eucalyptus or Queen Palms in my neighborhood, with Nova older and in school we're not going to Laguna this round of snow even though we have chains, and I'm always a prepper...even for just short trips I always have a stash of backup clothes, umbrellas, shoes, jackets, snacks, and water in my van, ready for anything. But the biggest thing I can say is that these latests storms are hitting all across our state and whether connected or not, the midwest, too. As we've seen over and over again, whether real or exaggerated, this has already certainly lead to increases in gasoline and power prices and groceries. All that stuff doesn't go anywhere when trucks can't drive the 8 or the 5 or the 15 or way up on the Grapevine. California refineries certainly use any excuse to increase scarcity and thus drive prices, and naturally we're all at home with more heaters on to keep our frigid homes livable. Get your eggs, fill up your tank, hit the farmers markets for local produce and goods. It's not a full scale meltdown, but the corporations will treat any blip in the norm like it is and pass the costs to you to drive their profits. (internet time jump)

It's a week later. Maybe more rain on the way, snow in the mountains, nothing quite apocalyptic, but gas prices are still pushing up anyway. We're so fucked at the whim of all these gross assholes. Yay. 

It was Darren's birthday yesterday, I've had a really great week, and now I'm ready to go to bed after a margarita afternoon so I can sleep in and do my listings and be ready to work for King Tuff on Wednesday. And if you like any kind of country, don't miss S.G. Goodman at the Casbah on Thursday. It's gonna be an amazing show. I'll also be working at Jawny at Quartyard on Friday which is about a dozen tickets from sold out at this moment. 

Be good. 
Be safe. 

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Things To Do In San Diego: Thursday, February 23, 2023-March 1, 2023: RIP O | The Builders and The Butchers | Almost Monday | Steve Poltz | Sure Fire Soul Ensemble | August Burns Red | Dinosaur Jr. | Magical Animals | King Tuff |

O photo by Tim Fears Photography

Like everyone in the local music community...and far, far beyond San Diego, I was devastated by the news that O had died. It's very hard to hear news like that and not center yourself. Like everyone, I loved O. He was a legend. When I was in high school, I was a fan of Fluf and my bedroom wall had magazine photos from floor to ceiling of bands and people and places and I would cut out ads in Thrasher of O skating. Were those Foundation ads? I don't remember now. And even though I'd been a fan for ages, when we became friends I would always be in awe of him and his stories, always a little starstruck. When I started working at the Casbah 15 or so years ago, he was always around and when I'd sell merch, we'd shoot the shit. The first time I worked for the Melvins, I remember being in the office with Tim and O and Buzz and it stood out to me how O introduced Buzz to me, as if he was lucky to be meeting me, and he'd say something like "she runs a sick blog around here" and then just reminisced and told stories and I'd try to soak it all in, and also wonder how they remembered so much shit with such big lives. When I ran into him at NAMM in the Fender Guitar suite the first time I went, he was introducing me to legendary guitar players and guitar makers, again making it seem like they were the ones who should be honored to meet me. he would do this with lots of his music buddies, too many times to track, and I always tried to play it cool, but it was such a sweet little nod that made what I do feel worthy. 

I think after a week of reading so many amazing tributes, that was the common thread, that O was a fan of people, made you feel so fucking cool, no matter what level or depth of friendship you had with him. If you got O's seal of approval, you were doing something right. I can't begin to track how many people's lives were touched by O through all of his numerous endeavors, his ability to be everywhere all at once, but he will always be a legend. I'll miss him sidestage at the Casbah, but I'll especially miss all the times I was a lone photographer for a show with a four foot gap from the band to the rest of the crowd and he would come join me so I wouldn't feel so alone. We're all better for having known him. 91X put this week's Loudspeaker tribute online which I've linked below. I know that there will continue to be tributes and I know we'll all have a massive party at the Casbah when the time is right. It just won't be the same without him. "Rock N Roll has no Boundaries, it knows no ethnicities, it just barges on in constant change...Music is my innermost relief." Otis B.  

Music News

Monday, February 20, 2023

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Sea Wolf at Soda Bar (Taken 2.18.2023)

Like everyone, I was stunned to hear about the sudden passing of O and every time I think about it or try to write something, I fail. So I have some thoughts, but this post isn't for that. This is just a typical COVID and newsy post, which will transform once again as the data stops coming in next month. It doesn't mean COVID is gone, but the data just isn't going to be collected in the same way moving forward. 

Things have been pretty low key for me. Darren has been working so much lately so I'm just doing my thing. I went to La Jolla Cove to check out the sea lions on Valentine's Day and then we had an amazing dinner at home, and besides my usual, I worked for Bass Drum of Death on Thursday. We had a really great night on Saturday checking out Sea Wolf at Soda Bar, and it was our first time out together in awhile. Those early shows fit great with our current lifestyle and Darren's work schedule so long as my sisters can cover helping out my parents on those nights. So we fit it in when we can. And the rest of the time we're just trying to find some joy and do what we gotta do. 

Stay safe out there.    

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Things To Do In San Diego: Thursday, February 16--Wednesday, February 22, 2023: Bass Drum of Death | Kaki King | The Lone Bellow | Karl Denson | El Tri | Sea Wolf | Steve Lacy | White Reaper | Daring Greatly | Silent Comedy |

I certainly love a three-day weekend and all your favorite places are having fun little dance parties and whatnot, so if you're looking to shake your ass, there are plenty of opportunities to do that. I'll be working at Bass Drum of Death on Thursday night and am hoping to pop into the Sea Wolf show on Saturday night but no other major plans beyond that, though I got a cool invite to The Legion home opener but don't really have anyone to go with so I might have to table that for another time. There's also the world premiere of The Silent Comedy's documentary and a live performance up at the Brooks Theatre which I'm sure will be a super cool night. 

On Monday night, the San Diego Music Foundation announced the nominees for the San Diego Music Awards. Tickets are on sale for the event on April 25th, and voting for some reason is running through DoSD so you can do that here


Tuesday, February 14, 2023

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Cormorant Mama & Chick Feeding at La Jolla Cove (Taken 2.14.23)

Hardly anybody is talking about COVID-19 anymore but I'm going to. Nova had successfully avoided catching COVID for the entire pandemic and then the school district stopped free weekly testing and between her extracurriculars with pep band (playing flute, deep sigh) at the home basketball games, the close proximity with her fellow students in Academic League, her time among her peers at The Center and it was bound to happen, even if she says she was still masking. 

And I'm sure there are people that don't care. There are people who never test, even when they're obviously sick. And there are people who still work or send their kids to school because they don't know better or they can't do otherwise, because they don't have sick time or daycare or whatever. This isn't about any of them or for any of them either.
This is about how much it SUCKS when someone in the household gets sick and you do everything you can not to spread it within the household. Not only was Nova sick and mostly isolated in her room for the last 12 days, but I felt obligated to make myself scarce so she could at least cook for herself, eat, watch TV and breathe maskless in the house and to just minimize our shared air. And that sucked. As much as I love going to the Zoo or Sea World or whatever, I felt like I haven't been home in a couple weeks. In the summer when I was sick, it was easy enough for me to stay in our studio, or for Darren to do the same part time when he was sick, but our studio is not really livable in the winter as it's currently configured, and it doesn't feel like kicking a 15 year old to her own apartment was the fair or right or just thing to do. 
So naturally when she tested super faint on Sunday and then finally negative on Monday, I was rejoicing when she finally went back to school today, Tuesday. I slept in. I lazed around in my pajamas and did my work on the couch while watching the Murdaugh Murder Trial on YouTube at 1.5x speed. I took care of my overgrown eyebrows that I can only take care of with the sunlight in a shared room. After doing some work, I went on a drive to La Jolla Cove and spent some time with the sea lions, the pelicans, and the cormorants. I popped by Children's Pool to see the 14 seal pups that have been born so far this season. I stopped to pick up creamed spinach at Boston Market because I had a craving. I went to the Zoo and caught Denny for a couple minutes before he went in, then spent some time at the orangs and some time in Parker Aviary. I picked up some rib roast on the way home. We cooked the meat and garlic bread and mashed potatoes and vegetables and we had a lovely Valentine's Dinner together at home. And I have a table full of flowers from Darren's new job. And the kid went to school and to The Center and came home beaming that she is once again part of the world. It felt nice to feel normal again.  

Happy Valentine's Day! Stay safe out there.  

Thursday, February 09, 2023

Things To Do In San Diego: Thursday, February 9-Wednesday, February 15, 2023: Unsane | SUUNS | Whistle Stop Anniversary | The Stone Foxes | Jungle Brothers | The Detroit Cobras | "A Dolly Parton Valentine's Day" | Devotchka | Early James |

I feel like I'm so behind in life right now. I basically lost the whole weekend by being sick -- just a cold, not COVID -- and I haven't really caught back up, but I wanted to make sure listings were up for the week while I catch up on Murdaugh Murder trial coverage. I did handle some stuff this week -- like a big overdue Costco run on Monday, and finally dealing with my renewed license that never came in the mail back in September. After surviving the DMV, I rewarded myself with a full zoo day, and Wednesday I caught my niece's soccer game at Nova's high school (though Nova is still faintly C+, so she's still isolating.) Darren has been working a ton and with Valentine's Day coming up, he's gonna be super busy next week, too. I love his new job because he's always bringing home flowers and houseplants that need a little TLC. We had date night this week and caught the John Early comedy late show at the Casbah on Tuesday and that was a blast though made for a slightly painful Wednesday after a bit too much whiskey. 

Obviously Sunday is the big game, so I'm trying to decide if I should tag along with Darren to Safari Park, do maybe a combo day of the San Diego Zoo and Sea World, maybe do a hike or hang out at La Jolla Cove, or actually just veg on the couch and watch the game, which, in comparison to the other things, sounds like a dreadful idea. 

I hope everyone has a SUPER awesome week. Stay safe out there. 

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Happy 3rd Birthday, Amahle!! (Taken 1.23.23)

I guess I should get a normal post out before the listings for the week publish, even though this has last week's COVID data and the new data will be out today anyway. I'm still completely consumed with the Murdaugh Murders trial, and I've been listening and/or watching on YouTube pretty constantly for the past couple weeks. It is obvious to me that Alex is guilty, but I don't know that the prosecution is doing a very good job presenting the information to the jury. It will be a goddamn shame if he walks on these charges, though he'll still be locked up for his financial crimes anyway. 

As for other news this week, I thought Joe did a great job with the State of the Union, at least the 75% or so that I watched before we went to the Casbah on Tuesday night, and the death toll of the earthquake in Turkiye and Syria and the region is now in excess of 15,000 which is absolutely devastating. 

You know I've been following the HPAI -- the bird flu -- and while there are some people freaking out on Twitter about it jumping species, at least locally it sounds like maybe things are getting better. The Safari Park has begun to put some of its birds back in their public accessible habitats, including Max, the talkative Salmon-Crested Cockatoo. I hope that means good news worldwide, but that remains to be seen. Just know when egg prices drop, I'm gonna be farty mcfartypants with all the eggs I'll be deviling and egg salads I'll be shoving down my gullet. 

Hope everyone is doing well. Stay safe out there. 

Thursday, February 02, 2023

Things To Do In San Diego: Thursday, February 2-Wednesday, February 8, 2023: Deb Talan of The Weepies | Save Ferris | Dune Rats | RJD2 | Nick Hakim | Tiltwheel | Loudon Wainwright III | Margo Price | Matt Heckler | Ottmar Liebert |

Well, here are the listings. And these ones go through Wednesday since it feels a little easier to get them done on Wednesday nights when Darren has a work day than when he's off and we both want to run errands or do stuff or go to Nova's pep band basketball games and whatnot. 
There were some serious show announcements this week but I'm realizing that it is harder and harder to plan for shows too far in advance so I just go to what I can when I can. And I'm certainly not dropping three-hundo for my family to see boygenius and Clairo especially at a field/park when we've already had the privilege of seeing both in far more intimate settings. I'm sure we'll get over it. Maybe we'll hike the San Diego River Garden and listen from afar. 
What I really want to share is that our pal Cynthia from the Casbah has recently had surgery for cancer. She's been really private about it, but Casbah staff and friends are trying to get the word out to help her during her recovery. If you've been to the Casbah or Soda Bar in the past few years, you've probably been served by this amazing woman. If you can help in any small way, please donate here

Stay safe out there. 
  • February is MUSEUM MONTH (Get half price admission at select museums. Download a FREE Digital Pass HERE.)
  • February is FREE SENIORS ADMISSION at San Diego Zoo Safari Park:
    • The San Diego Zoo Safari Park invites guests ages 65 and older to visit for free throughout the entire month of February. During Seniors Free month, seniors may present their valid photo ID upon arrival and gain free admission to the Safari Park, where they can explore expansive habitats and connect with wildlife. The Safari Park’s 1,800 acres are home to vital conservation efforts—with more than 3,000 animals representing over 300 species, and a botanical collection of more than 1.75 million plants—offering remarkable educational opportunities and fun for the whole family. By visiting the Safari Park, guests help support San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance in its mission to save wildlife worldwide and help create a world where all life thrives. The Seniors Free offer is valid only at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, and only for the month of February; parking not included.
  • AEG Announced the Re:SET Concert Series will be coming to Thrive Park at Snapdragon Stadium. You can register for presale tickets where you'll find that tickets START at $99.50. VIP starting at $275. 
    • Friday, June 2 with boygenius, Clairo, Dijon, Bartees Strange
    • Saturday, June 3 with LCD Soundsystem, Jamie XX, IDLES, Big Freedia and more
    • Sunday, June 4 with Steve Lacy, James Blake, Toro y Moi, Foushee 

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Sweet Kaja (Taken 1.29.23)

I'm not gonna lie, I've been obsessed with the Murdaugh Saga since I discovered Mandy Matney's podcast a while back and have been following the family drama since sometime in the late summer of 2021, before Alex allegedly murdered his wife and son, and now Alex Murdaugh is in the midst of his double homicide trial so now I'm watching far too much YouTube, including Emily D Baker's channel and this fun one Gossip, Rumor, and Innuendo. It's all very dark and morbid but it's infinitely fascinating. If you have good links, please let me know!! 

This is kind of an incomplete post, but since Thursdays are reporting days, I thought I should get last week's COVID numbers up, at least locally and statewide, before they all completely disappear on us, and at least there are some links of why most of these numbers don't really reflect reality anyway. We've been pretty good over here, testing when we need to and masking when appropriate and when I say I'm not feeling great, it's generally lady problems and I'm actually fine, I just get a little knocked down at that particular time of the month, every month, until one day I'll age out of the cycle and have all kinds of new stuff to complain about. 

The past week was a good one overall. I do the Zoo nearly daily, we went to Nova's high school's basketball game to hear her in pep band on Wednesday, I went to the media night of Beyond King Tut with my sister on Thursday, I got in a couple hours at the Zoo and then Sea World on Friday, a full day at Safari Park on Saturday where I got to ride two of Darren's guided tours back to back (you can watch one of them here), and then did a full Zoo day on Sunday, getting to watch the drama unfold as Adira, the red panda, climbed out of her habitat. I've mentioned my issues with a particular photographer psycho at the Zoo and after some security incidents last week, rumor has it that it won't be a problem anymore, though I shouldn't say anything more about that until the smoke has cleared, but at least I don't have to be afraid of that situation or person for now. And now I'm watching recaps of today's Murdaugh court proceedings and will still get to bed at a normal, functional, human hour so I can have a productive Thursday. We're taking the van in for service so fingers crossed that doesn't break the bank. And I did full listings tonight...so those will post at 6am on Thursday.  

Stay safe out there.  

Wednesday, February 01, 2023

Things To Do In San Diego: Wednesday, February 1, 2023: Black Joe Lewis | The Wood Brothers | King Pari |

Black Joe Lewis at the Casbah (Taken 8.28.2016)

Okay, okay. I know. I'm supposed to do listings by Wednesday mornings, but the weekend kinda backed me up with my actual work and then I wasn't feeling 100% on Monday, even skipping the Zoo, and then Tuesday our little Jacaranda maybe ate a bee or got stung by one or both, which left him sick all day barfing all over the house and when he finally rested, we cozied up into the bed and I didn't get around to my actual work until the evening and then the listings needed to be done and I decided I didn't want to be up until 4am to do them. So I'll get to them. But for now, I'm just posting Wednesday. Sorry.