Monday, February 20, 2023

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Sea Wolf at Soda Bar (Taken 2.18.2023)

Like everyone, I was stunned to hear about the sudden passing of O and every time I think about it or try to write something, I fail. So I have some thoughts, but this post isn't for that. This is just a typical COVID and newsy post, which will transform once again as the data stops coming in next month. It doesn't mean COVID is gone, but the data just isn't going to be collected in the same way moving forward. 

Things have been pretty low key for me. Darren has been working so much lately so I'm just doing my thing. I went to La Jolla Cove to check out the sea lions on Valentine's Day and then we had an amazing dinner at home, and besides my usual, I worked for Bass Drum of Death on Thursday. We had a really great night on Saturday checking out Sea Wolf at Soda Bar, and it was our first time out together in awhile. Those early shows fit great with our current lifestyle and Darren's work schedule so long as my sisters can cover helping out my parents on those nights. So we fit it in when we can. And the rest of the time we're just trying to find some joy and do what we gotta do. 

Stay safe out there.    

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