Thursday, February 09, 2023

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Happy 3rd Birthday, Amahle!! (Taken 1.23.23)

I guess I should get a normal post out before the listings for the week publish, even though this has last week's COVID data and the new data will be out today anyway. I'm still completely consumed with the Murdaugh Murders trial, and I've been listening and/or watching on YouTube pretty constantly for the past couple weeks. It is obvious to me that Alex is guilty, but I don't know that the prosecution is doing a very good job presenting the information to the jury. It will be a goddamn shame if he walks on these charges, though he'll still be locked up for his financial crimes anyway. 

As for other news this week, I thought Joe did a great job with the State of the Union, at least the 75% or so that I watched before we went to the Casbah on Tuesday night, and the death toll of the earthquake in Turkiye and Syria and the region is now in excess of 15,000 which is absolutely devastating. 

You know I've been following the HPAI -- the bird flu -- and while there are some people freaking out on Twitter about it jumping species, at least locally it sounds like maybe things are getting better. The Safari Park has begun to put some of its birds back in their public accessible habitats, including Max, the talkative Salmon-Crested Cockatoo. I hope that means good news worldwide, but that remains to be seen. Just know when egg prices drop, I'm gonna be farty mcfartypants with all the eggs I'll be deviling and egg salads I'll be shoving down my gullet. 

Hope everyone is doing well. Stay safe out there. 

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