Tuesday, February 14, 2023

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Cormorant Mama & Chick Feeding at La Jolla Cove (Taken 2.14.23)

Hardly anybody is talking about COVID-19 anymore but I'm going to. Nova had successfully avoided catching COVID for the entire pandemic and then the school district stopped free weekly testing and between her extracurriculars with pep band (playing flute, deep sigh) at the home basketball games, the close proximity with her fellow students in Academic League, her time among her peers at The Center and it was bound to happen, even if she says she was still masking. 

And I'm sure there are people that don't care. There are people who never test, even when they're obviously sick. And there are people who still work or send their kids to school because they don't know better or they can't do otherwise, because they don't have sick time or daycare or whatever. This isn't about any of them or for any of them either.
This is about how much it SUCKS when someone in the household gets sick and you do everything you can not to spread it within the household. Not only was Nova sick and mostly isolated in her room for the last 12 days, but I felt obligated to make myself scarce so she could at least cook for herself, eat, watch TV and breathe maskless in the house and to just minimize our shared air. And that sucked. As much as I love going to the Zoo or Sea World or whatever, I felt like I haven't been home in a couple weeks. In the summer when I was sick, it was easy enough for me to stay in our studio, or for Darren to do the same part time when he was sick, but our studio is not really livable in the winter as it's currently configured, and it doesn't feel like kicking a 15 year old to her own apartment was the fair or right or just thing to do. 
So naturally when she tested super faint on Sunday and then finally negative on Monday, I was rejoicing when she finally went back to school today, Tuesday. I slept in. I lazed around in my pajamas and did my work on the couch while watching the Murdaugh Murder Trial on YouTube at 1.5x speed. I took care of my overgrown eyebrows that I can only take care of with the sunlight in a shared room. After doing some work, I went on a drive to La Jolla Cove and spent some time with the sea lions, the pelicans, and the cormorants. I popped by Children's Pool to see the 14 seal pups that have been born so far this season. I stopped to pick up creamed spinach at Boston Market because I had a craving. I went to the Zoo and caught Denny for a couple minutes before he went in, then spent some time at the orangs and some time in Parker Aviary. I picked up some rib roast on the way home. We cooked the meat and garlic bread and mashed potatoes and vegetables and we had a lovely Valentine's Dinner together at home. And I have a table full of flowers from Darren's new job. And the kid went to school and to The Center and came home beaming that she is once again part of the world. It felt nice to feel normal again.  

Happy Valentine's Day! Stay safe out there.  

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