Thursday, February 02, 2023

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Sweet Kaja (Taken 1.29.23)

I'm not gonna lie, I've been obsessed with the Murdaugh Saga since I discovered Mandy Matney's podcast a while back and have been following the family drama since sometime in the late summer of 2021, before Alex allegedly murdered his wife and son, and now Alex Murdaugh is in the midst of his double homicide trial so now I'm watching far too much YouTube, including Emily D Baker's channel and this fun one Gossip, Rumor, and Innuendo. It's all very dark and morbid but it's infinitely fascinating. If you have good links, please let me know!! 

This is kind of an incomplete post, but since Thursdays are reporting days, I thought I should get last week's COVID numbers up, at least locally and statewide, before they all completely disappear on us, and at least there are some links of why most of these numbers don't really reflect reality anyway. We've been pretty good over here, testing when we need to and masking when appropriate and when I say I'm not feeling great, it's generally lady problems and I'm actually fine, I just get a little knocked down at that particular time of the month, every month, until one day I'll age out of the cycle and have all kinds of new stuff to complain about. 

The past week was a good one overall. I do the Zoo nearly daily, we went to Nova's high school's basketball game to hear her in pep band on Wednesday, I went to the media night of Beyond King Tut with my sister on Thursday, I got in a couple hours at the Zoo and then Sea World on Friday, a full day at Safari Park on Saturday where I got to ride two of Darren's guided tours back to back (you can watch one of them here), and then did a full Zoo day on Sunday, getting to watch the drama unfold as Adira, the red panda, climbed out of her habitat. I've mentioned my issues with a particular photographer psycho at the Zoo and after some security incidents last week, rumor has it that it won't be a problem anymore, though I shouldn't say anything more about that until the smoke has cleared, but at least I don't have to be afraid of that situation or person for now. And now I'm watching recaps of today's Murdaugh court proceedings and will still get to bed at a normal, functional, human hour so I can have a productive Thursday. We're taking the van in for service so fingers crossed that doesn't break the bank. And I did full listings those will post at 6am on Thursday.  

Stay safe out there.  

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