Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Things To Do In San Diego: Tuesday, July 31-Monday, August 6, 2018

I have to say, we are feeling pretty smart for having purchased a couple air conditioners over the past couple years, because I am so over this heatwave. Without the a/c, our house is hotter inside than it is outside. Enough whining though, because Nova finished soccer camp, so we're hoping to get in some beach time, some snorkeling, and probably another grill out or two. But mostly this week, I'm excited about the music! Loudspeaker's 30th Anniversary is at the Casbah on Tuesday, I'm interviewing Givers on Wednesday, I get to shoot Phoebe Bridgers and American Football on Friday, and then we'll be working at Hop Along on Sunday. I'm really looking forward to a great week ahead. If anyone has a hookup for "On Your Feet" tickets, let me know. I listened to "Diva Deep Dive" about Gloria Estefan (a program on the EW network on SiriusXM) and now I'm obsessed. Full listings through Monday are after the jump.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Loudspeaker Celebrates 30 Years & Earns "Loudspeaker Day" from The City of San Diego

91X's Loudspeaker is celebrating 30 years on the radio. It all started back in 1988 with Marco Collins and has had several hosts over the years, but on Tuesday, the City of San Diego is proclaiming 91X Loudspeaker Day at Council Chambers, and when night falls, there's going to be a full celebration at the Casbah, with music by Low Volts, N-E-1, Rob Crow, Pall Jenkins, Chris Coté, Pony Death Ride, and local karoke hosted by Scotty Pants Karaoke.

I can't say I've been listening from the beginning (I just wasn't that cool as a tween), but I definitely started listening in the Lou Niles era and through high school I'd record the show on cassette and started to get my intro to music that I couldn't see in bars. All the hosts through the years have been amazing and I am so proud of Pyles to continue carrying the torch not just on-air but all over San Diego in celebrating local music. I've heard Marco Collins is making it down for this one, so it is going to be a super special night. I hope to see everyone there.

Here's the schedule:
Low Volts 1200am
N-E-1 1110pm to 1140pm
Rob Crow 1025pm to 1055pm
Pall Jenkins 940pm to 1010pm
Chris Cote 855pm to 925pm
Pony Death Ride - 820pm to 840pm

Scotty Pants All Local Karaoke in the Razzmatazz Lounge

800pm to 820pm
840pm to 855pm
925pm to 940pm
1010pm to 1025pm
1055pm to 1110pm
1140pm to 1200am
and after Low Volts if people are still interested...

The full press release is after the jump.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Things To Do In San Diego: Friday, July 27-Monday, July 30, 2018

I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things after Comic-Con and Nova's return and dealing with some neglected parts of my life that needed some attention. This week I got to check out Now, Now at the Casbah, went to Greenpeace's Arctic Sunrise for a climate change movie screening with Nova, and caught Jenny and the Mexicats and Marujah with Darren. On Thursday we had a low key day but in the afternoon rode bikes to the Farmer's Market in North Park and then to Darren's indoor soccer game at the water tower. (It had been well over a year since I've been on my bike because the road rage had spooked me). I'm hoping I can get back into my photo posts, which no matter how hard I try, seem to always be about two months backlogged. Tonight is a SoundDiego Live party at A/C Lounge and I'll try to stop by after I get off work at the Irenic then hopefully catch Mrs. Magician at Soda Bar after that. I'm not really sure how the rest of the weekend will pan out, but I'm super excited that I get to shoot the Decemberists on Monday, since the last time they played I was selling their merch and didn't get a super great perspective of the show. Anyway, life is good, the heat wave seems to have broken, and this article helped me put a whole lot in perspective.

Listings through Monday are after the jump.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Friday: Free Happy Hour Aboard Greenpeace Vessel Arctic Sunrise

Greenpeace Vessel Arctic Sunrise is currently docked in San Diego, and in addition to free weekend tours, on Friday night they've joined forces with A Ship In the Woods for a family friendly happy hour (complimentary beer for 21+). If you're interested, you should pre-register/RSVP here: http://bit.ly/2Lcubob

I have to add that Nova and I were able to go on the ship on Wednesday night for a climate-focused film screening (which was depressing af about California's onshore drilling), but being on the boat was pretty cool. I've been on harbor cruises and navy ships, but I've never been on a NGO icebreaker and it's pretty cool. (Incidentally, Sea Shepherd is here, too, and also offering free tours this weekend.)

Friday, July 27, 2018 6:30 PM -  9:30 PM Pacific

B Street Cruise Ship Terminal, 1140 N Harbor Dr, San Diego, CA 92101

more info after the jump

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Things To Do In San Diego: Tuesday, July 24-Thursday, July 26, 2018

I survived Comic-Con. Barely. I made it the three days- preview night and Thursday and Friday and that was enough for me. On Wednesday night, I ended up at Whistle Stop for Holy Wave and stayed up way too late. Then on Thursday, Pyles and I did Con all day long, spent some time at the Wired Party, then I went to the Casbah for Brian Posehn and then met up with Darren for Foster The People and late drinks at the Ken Club. On Friday I mostly hung out at Wired, checked out Adult Swim, went back to Wired, then to the Taco Bell 2032 experience, then to the NerdNite Nat-Geo party at Solamar, then Stephen Malkmus at the Casbah, and then closed the night at the Ken Club. That last one was a super dumb choice and I had to rein it in the rest of the weekend. Nova is back, so after just chilling at home all day Saturday, we all went to Soma for Car Seat Headrest and Naked Giants. Nova's in a soccer camp this week, but we're otherwise laying low until this monster heat passes. My liver could use the break, too. There are some great shows this week, like Now, Now or Jenny and the Mexicats, and Mrs Magician, Trouble in the Wind, and Little Hurricane all have shows. Listings through Thursday are after the jump.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Dockless Bike Share and Scooter Share Tips

I have an unpublished blog post that I've been stewing on for a couple months now, titled "Bikes & Scooters Aren't Assholes, People Are" where I've been aggregating a few dozen articles, links, rants, and screenshots of people bitching and complaining about Bike Share and Scooter Share. But the reality is that my opinions are vastly unpopular and I didn't want to thrust myself into that sort of shitstorm, where everyone yells at me IN ALL CAPS online and tells me to die and gets all mansplainy on me (for an example, look at my responses to my tweet about Bird scooters @sddialedin). So I thought I would just share this for now, and maybe when everyone's panties aren't all in a bunch and we can talk civilly about sharing the road with all users, even the asshole ones, then I'll get back to that other post. 
Since Comic-Con is here and everyone is using these things (today I used an OFO to get from one event to another), and since I met a Safety Ambassador from Bird who told me a ticket for riding on the sidewalk is $400 and $1000 for riding tandem, I wanted to at least finally share these informational digital leaflets that were distributed by the Downtown San Diego Partnership. 

Normally I love feedback, but in this case, I really do not give one shit about what you think about this issue, so save your comments for your own social media. 

Things To Do In San Diego- Comic-Con Edition: Thursday, July 19-Monday, July 23, 2018

My dogs are barking. We ran around so much yesterday that my legs are killing me. But carry on, we shall, because today is the first official day of Con and I've got lots of things to see and do before going to the Casbah for Brian Posehn and then trying my luck at Soda Bar for Foster the People. On Wednesday, Pyles and I did our typical runaround. Parked by Mission Brewery, had a beer, walked around Petco Park, perused 5th Avenue, the areas around Hard Rock, then went to the FutureTech event at the Omni, where we ran into Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead and top of Tim's Comic-Con Wish List, on our way in. The Futuretech thing is sponsored by 7-Eleven so we scored lots of free snacks, too. We finally hit the convention center, grabbed our badges with an hour to kill before Preview Night, so we hit the awesome Happy Hour at Joe's Crab Shack. (3-6pm, $4 Tower 10 IPAs) before finally making our way into Con. I wandered the entire floor about 3 times looking for So So Happy, but they're apparently not there this year. After Con, we hit the Casbah, then I went to Whistle Stop for Holy Wave, and closed my night down at Bar Pink with Darren. Long day, but I'm ready for round 2. All the listings are after the jump and I updated some stuff.

Thursday, July 19, 2018 (Comic-Con):
  • Sacred Hearts Club: Foster The People, Almost Monday, Ignant Benches @ Soda Bar (Free, 9pm)
  • Brian Posehn, Dan Telfer, Derek Sheen @ Casbah (SOLD OUT)
  • Rhye, Lawrence Rothman @ The Observatory
  • Toad The Wet Sprocket, Megan Slankard @ Belly Up (SOLD OUT)
  • Paramore: The After Laughter Summer Tour feat. Paramore, Foster the People, Jay Som @ Mattress Firm Amphitheatre
  • Boss Riot @ Panama 66
  • DJ Mike Delgado @ Bar Pink
  • Fantastic Roar: La Invasion feat. divaDanielle, Omega Squad, Fleetwood Smack, Pocket Underground, Sprankles @ Music Box
  • Zoo Keeper Appreciation Week Animal Trivia Night @ Space (3:30pm)
  • GLYPH |Comic Con| Foodman (Japan) + Meishi Smile + Stella Perish
  •  @ Space
  • FireTV Rock the Block VIP Party @ 517 7th Ave (Ace Parking Lot)
  • "Better Call Saul" Season 4 Premiere Party & Red Carpet @ UA Horton Plaza (Closed Event, 6:30-8:30pm)
  • After-Con 2018 with Kristian Nairn @ Omnia (9pm, Must RSVP)
  • 21st Annual Superhero Kung Fu Extravaganza @ Room 6A  (8pm-10:30pm)
  • Alpha Book Club Happy Hour @ Nerdist HQ, Sparks Gallery  (7pm to 8pm)
  • The Her Universe Fashion Show @ Manchester Grand Hyatt (6pm)
  • A Live Exploration of Sound in Space @ Room: 24ABC, Convention Center (6:30pm-7:30pm)
  • Nuclear Blast Comic-Con International After Party feat. Testament @ House of Blues San Diego
  • Nerdist Alpha After Dark Party with Kraken Rum @ FLUXX (Invite Only, 9pm-1am)
  • Hop-Con: The Hootstout Festival @ Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens (7-11pm)
  • Den of Geek Happy Hour @ Horton Grand Hotel Courtyard (Invite Only, 311 Island Ave, 6-8pm) 
  • Fox's The Gifted Fandom Party feat DJ Mark Ronson @ Float, Hard Rock Hotel (207 Fifth Ave. Invite Only, 7-11pm)
  • Scholastic Graphix Comic Con-Party @ Hotel Palomar (7-10pm, 1047 5th Ave.)
  • Penguin Random House Comic Con Party @ San Diego Central Library (7-11pm)
  • LINE Webtoon’s Green Room Party @ San Diego Marriott Gaslamp Quarter’s Altitude Sky Lounge (660 K Street, 8:30pm)
  • The New Right Now- New Indie/Hip Hop/Electronica/R&B @ Whistle Stop
  • Turning Tydes Theatre Company presents "Wicked Wizards" @ The Lyceum
  • Chocolate: Deep Dark Afro-Tech and Techno @ Blonde
  • Shenandoah @ Harrah's SoCal Resort
  • La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival 
  • Nuclear Blast Comic-Con International After Party feat. Testament, Carnifex @ House of Blues
  • Waterseed @ Pour House  
  • New Alchemy Poetry Series Open Mic @ Lestat's
  • Diamond Dogs Presents: Boylesque Cosplay Show @ The Merrow
  • Writers of the Conan O'Brien Show @ Mad House Comedy Club (8pm)
  • The Show Show Show feat. Gabby Lamb, Audrey Stewart, Nthenya Ndunda, Sims Holland, Vicki Barbolack @ Comedy Palace - Gold Room
  • Solace @ U-31
  • Summer Beach Party with The Mar Dels @ Bahia Hotel (6-9pm)
  • Rosy Dawn @ Humphrey's Backstage Live
  • Branden & James in "You Had Me at Cello" @ Martini's Above Fourth
  • Hector Acosta El Torito @ Blue Agave Nightclub
  • Jimmy Ruelas @ Seven Grand
  • Comedy Night @ Midnight Jack
  • Eldren @ De Oro Mine Co 
  • Withholder, Mr Atomic, Smarter Than Robots @ Bancroft Bar
  • Silent Vice, Authentic Sellout, Mezzoa @ Winston's
  • No Limits with DJMysonKing @ The Office
  • Line Dancing Lessons @ Moonshine Flats
  • Livin' On A Prayer @ Moonshine Beach 
  • PB&J presents DJs B Rose & Kyle Hapgood @ El Dorado
  • Rock Out Karaoke @ Tin Roof
  • Thursday Evening Swing @ Queen Bee's
  • Archetype XII feat. Gyatso, D4C14, Teknozeug, Subnode @ Kava Lounge
  • Open Jam with Jeff Ousley @ Navajo Live
  • Mercedes Moore @ Tio Leo's
  • Mellow Apocalypse @ Boar Cross'n
  • Liquid Courage Karaoke @ 710 Beach Club
  • Max Fite @ 710 Beach Club (7-9pm)
  • Invasion of the Superheroes: DJ Kaos @ Oxford Social Club, The Pendry
  • DJ Yodah @ Henry's Pub

Friday, July 20, 2018 (Comic-Con):
  • Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks, Dommengang @ Casbah (SOLD OUT)
  • Wye Oak, Madeline Kenney @ Soda Bar (SOLD OUT)
  • Pinback, Shades McCool, Bit Maps @ Music Box
  • The Psychedelic Furs @ Del Mar Racetrack
  • Dennis Quaid & The Sharks, The Blitz Brothers @ Belly Up
  • The Adventure Zone Graphic Novel Live! @ The Observatory
  • Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Billy Thompson @ Humphrey's Concerts By The Bay
  • Middleditch and Schwartz @ Balboa Theatre (7:30pm)
  • Last Podcast on the Left Live! @ Balboa Theatre (10:30pm)
  • Trick: Cozplayed Out feat Cazwell, DJ Eli Correa @ The Merrow
  • F#$ing in the Bushes: BritPop dance party with DJ Dan Sant @ Whistle Stop
  • Tron-Themed Dance Party @ Blonde
  • National Geographic Nerd Nite Party Celebrating Mars Season 2 Premiere @ Solamar Terrace & Pool at Hotel Solamar (435 Sixth Ave, 8-11pm)
  • The Adventure Zone Graphic Novel Live! @ Observatory
  • Syfy Fan Party: Fan Creators/It's a Fan (Made) Thing @ The New Children's Museum (200 W. Island Ave., Free & Open to All, RSVP required, 9pm-1am) 
  • Robo Rhythm: An Intergalactic Dance Party hosted by Nerdist & Legendary Television @ Oxford Social Club (Invite-only)
  • BuzzFeed & The CW present Spells and Spirits @ Altitude Sky Lounge (660 K St. Invite Only, RSVP required, 5-8pm)
  • Warner Bros TV Media Mixer @ Float, Hard Rock Hotel (207 Fifth Ave, Invite-only, RSVP required, 7-9pm)
  • IMDboat/Atom Tickets Party @ Fifth Avenue Landing (Behind the Convention Center, 7:30-10:30pm, Invite-only. RSVP required)
  • IGN party. Sponsored by Amazon Studios' Jack Ryan @ Andaz Rooftop (600 F St. Invite-only, RSVP required, 8pm)
  • Aspen Comics 15th Anniv Party @ Mission Brewery Cellar and Loft (1441 L St, Invite-only, RSVP required, 8-11pm)
  • Turning Tydes Theatre Company presents "Wicked Wizards" @ The Lyceum
  • The Rickmobile: Don't Even Trip Roadtrip @ Green Flash Brewing (6-9pm)
  • Fashion Jackson, Jara, Kid Cadaver, Pvke, Disco Shrine, Nikola, Wizrd @ Soma
  • Little River Band @ Viejas Casino Outlet Center Park
  • HEMLOCK presents: New Skeletal Faces with DJ Camila Robina & DJ Javi Nunez @ Bar Pink
  • Uptown Rhythm Makers| Art After Hours @ Panama 66
  • Geach Both 2: feat. Death Lens, Miles Bandit, Los Shadows @ Che Café Collective
  • KSON Presents Brad Paisley Tour 2018, Kane Brown, Tyminski @ Mattress Firm Amphitheatre
  • Bloody F. Mess, Divine Dirt, Facelift, Krisben-Wah @ Tower Bar 
  • OK Shore, The Rinds, Steal Away @ Lestat's
  • The Kaeli Earle Trio, Evan Diamond & The Library, FFWW  @ The Salty Frog
  • Atomic Groove’s Summer Series Kickoff @ Belly Up (Happy Hour 5pm)
  • Zander Schloss, Andrew McKeag @ Black Cat Bar
  • Brick by Brick presents Galactic Empire, Super MadNES, Sight Unscene, Mandala @ Brick By Brick
  • Simpkin Project, New Leaf @ Winston's
  • Jet West @ De Oro Mine Co
  • Pure NoWhere and Penniback Presents @ Queen Bee's
  • Sara Petitie Band @ Templar's Hall in Old Poway Park
  • Writers of the Conan O'Brien Show @ Mad House Comedy Club (7:30pm & 9:45pm)
  • The Show Show Show feat. Gabby Lamb, Audrey Stewart, Nthenya Ndunda, Sims Holland, Vicki Barbolack @ Comedy Palace - Gold Room
  • Groove International @ Voodoo Room, House of Blues
  • La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival 
  • Puttin' Down Roots: Rosa's Cantina @ California Center for the Arts, Escondido
  • California Rangers @ Pour House (5pm) 
  • Bumpasonic @ Pour House  (10pm)
  • Introspective Culture @ Goodbar
  • Vocalist Sacha Boutros @ Dizzy's
  • Two Reverends One Sinner, The Great Smoking Mirror, Nobody But You, Corre Diablo @ Bancroft Bar
  • Ballyhoo!, Bumpin Uglies, Tropidelic @ 710 Beach Club
  • Janice & Nathan @ Martini's Above Fourth
  • After Hours with DJs EdROC & Ayla Simone @ The Office 
  • Worshipper, Old Man Wizard @ Til-Two Club
  • Kid Wonder @ U-31
  • Funks Most Wanted @ Tio Leo's
  • Detroit Underground @ Humphrey's Backstage Live (9pm)
  • The NEw Normal @ Navajo Live 
  • OB Comedy @ Winston's  (6-9pm)
  • Now & Later with DJ Artistic & Tramlife @ El Dorado
  • Christian Smith, Wehbba @ Spin
  • SNBRN @ Bang Bang
  • 4B X Insomniac @ Bassmnt
  • Dynamiq @ FLUXX
  • Goodtimes @ Henry's Pub
  • The Great Escape II Comic Con Weekend! @ Kava Lounge
  • Club Musae @ Boar Cross'n
  • Gryffin (DJ Set) @ Omnia
Saturday, July 21, 2018 (Comic-Con):
  • Car Seat Headrest, Naked Giants @ Soma 
  • Juliette & The Licks, The Schizophonics @ Music Box
  • Thirty Seconds To Mars, WALK THE MOON, K.Flay @ Mattress Firm Amphitheatre 
  • San Diego Freak Out - Wild Wild Wets, Well Well Well, Creepseed, Ethics (TJ), DJ Andrew McGranahan @ Casbah 
  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Live Starring Rachel Bloom @ Balboa Theatre (7:30pm)
  • Surf Curse, LunchLady, P.H.F @ The Irenic
  • The Mittens, Powerballs @ Bird Park (Free, 3-7pm)
  • Shawn Rohlf & Friends perform The Replacements @ The Whistle Stop (5pm)
  • The Adicts, Leftover Crack, Slipping Into Darkness @ The Observatory North Park
  • Toonami Pre-flight feat. The Pillows @ Adult Swim State Park on the Green (7:15)
  • Club Sabbat - Cosplay X @ The Merrow
  • Sal Vulcano And Friends - with Roy Wood Jr. & Steve Byrne @ Balboa Theatre (10:30pm)
  • Cardiac Kidz, Social Spit, Ganjawitch @ Black Cat Bar
  • The Zeros, Flytraps, Bad Sex @ Pour House (9pm)
  • Iration @ Del Mar Racetrack
  • Covet, Vasudeva, The Illustrative Violet @ Soda Bar
  • Booty Bassment @ Whistle Stop
  • Chickenbone Slim and Comic-Con @ Spike Africa's Fresh Fish Grill & Bar (7pm)
  • Scary Pierre, Then In-Itself @ Bar Pink (8pm)
  • Neon Beat @ Bar Pink (10 pm)
  • The Broken Lizard Comedy Team Brings SUPER TROOPERS 2 @ Horton Grand Theatre, (1:30pm) 
  • The Deadpool 2 Super Duper $@%!#& Cut World Premiere @ Horton Grand Theatre (9:30pm)
  • The 200th Episode of Bizarre States Party, hosted by Jessica Chobot and Andrew Bowser @ Nerdist HQ (Sparks Gallery, Saturday, 7/21 from 8pm to midnight)
  • TruTV Impractical Jokers Block Party @ Petco Park at the Park (Free, Open to the Public, First Come First served, 1-9pm)
  • Talk Talk Show * Live * Comic-Con 2018 @ Luce Loft 
  • The Aquabats, Froggy Fresh  @ House of Blues (NOON!!)
  • 20th Century Fox TV, FX & Fox Cocktail Reception @ Craft + Commerce, (675 Beech St, Invite-only, RSVP required, 7pm)
  • Entertainment Weekly Closing Night VIP Celebration @ Float, Hard Rock Hotel (Invite-only, RSVP required, 9pm)
  • Syfy fan party: Harry Potter/Wizarding Weekend @ The New Children's Museum (200 W. Island Ave, Free, Open to all, RSVP required, 9pm-1am) 
  • Bill Prady's League of Extraordinary Nerds @ Pool Club, Hilton Bayfront (RSVP required, 3-7pm)
  • NBC Party @ Gaslamp Square (Invite-only, Time undisclosed)
  • Turning Tydes Theatre Company presents "Wicked Wizards" @ The Lyceum
  • The Rickmobile: Don't Even Trip Roadtrip @ Yesteryear Comics (5-8pm)
  • Private Event @ Belly Up  
  • Ian Buss & His Quintet@ Dizzy's
  • Bump Presents: The Rocky Horror Disco Show @ Blonde
  • Death Eyes, Creepxotica @ Warshaw's Provisions (2209 30th, Free)
  • Michael Borowski @ Panama 66
  • Gone Blonde @ Pour House (5pm)  
  • Superstars on Stage @ Sycuan Casino (3pm & 8pm)
  • Arcata @ Lestat's
  • The Kaeli Earle Trio @  Goodbar
  • La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival 
  • South Bay Salsa Festival Puerto Rico Llego with Spanish Harlem Orchestra feat Christian Pepin, John "Dandy" Rodriguez, Adalberto Santiago, Artie Webb, Bobby Escoto, Chevere All Stars, DJ Jojo, DJ Mambo @ J Street Marina Park 
  • The Aquabats, Froggy Fresh @ House of Blues (10:30am)
  • Comics Online After Party with Stan Bush, Random Gibberish, Wither, The Midas Touch @ Brick By Brick 
  • Digital LA Comic-Con Party @ Origin Code Academy (Free with RSVP, 6pm)
  • Ghostbusters Interdimensional Crossrip Fan Party @ Werewolf
  • Hero-Within Second Annual Comic-Con After Party @ Volcano Rabbit (First come, First Serve, 9:30pm-1am)
  • Steampunk Comic-Con After Party @ San Diego Automotive Museum (First come, First Serve, 9:30pm-1am)
  • Easton Corbin @ House of Blues
  •  Janet Hammer @ Martini's Above Fourth
  • Breakout, Slaughter Boys, Stokka, RAAG @ Tower Bar
  • Los Chido @ De Oro Mine Co
  • Art Show with Tony @ Bancroft Bar (6pm) 
  • Nightmare, Desolator, Solv, White Boy Scream @ Bancroft Bar (9pm)
  • Jerry Jacobs @ Moonshine Beach 
  • Jason Charles Miller @ Moonshine Flats 
  • Heatwave @ Winston's 
  • The Rock & Rollies , Reckless Disregard, Ritual Potion @ Winston's (5pm)
  • Dynohunter @ Winston's (9:30pm)
  • Shocktroopers!! System Restore! Curbside Funeral! The Writhers! @ Til-Two Club
  • Punchline Posse Comedy Show Live Recording @ Comedy Palace - Main Room (9:30pm)
  • Stan Bush, Random Gibberish, Wither, The Midas Touch @ Brick By Brick
  • The Show Show Show feat. Gabby Lamb, Audrey Stewart, Nthenya Ndunda, Sims Holland, Vicki Barbolack @ Comedy Palace - Gold Room
  • Year of the Dead, Que Oso, Half Eaten @ Midnight Jack
  • Strictly Business w/DJs Edroc & KanyeAsada @ The Office
  • The Big Lewinsky, Soundwave @ 710 Beach Club
  • Camron Zibaie @ U-31
  • Bump City Brass @ Tio Leo's
  • Tradewinds @ Humphrey's Backstage Live (5pm)
  • Wildside @ Humphrey's Backstage Live (9pm)
  • DJ Slowhand @ FLUXX
  • BK Lounge with DJs Billie Knight, Tone Capone, Dub-B @ El Dorado
  • aitherios vol 2 @ Spin (3pm)
  • DISTRIKT of San Diego :: BM 2018 Fundraiser @ Spin
  • The Farmers @ Navajo Live 
  • DIVINITY presents: Techno Sabbath 011 ft BAD BEAT [mntra, ttt] & Contessa @ Kava Lounge
  • Rockstar Saturdays @ Henry's
  • Kill The Noise x Bassrush with Madsonik @ Bassmnt 
  • Savi @ Omnia
  • Autograf @ Bang Bang 
  • Invasion of the Superheroes: Craig Smoove @ Oxford Social Club, The Pendry
Sunday, July 22, 2018 (Comic-Con):
  • X @ Belly Up (SOLD OUT)
  • “Stars Align Tour" with Jeff Beck, Paul Rodgers, Ann Wilson @ Mattress Firm Amphitheatre
  • Slares, Bomb Squad, Chug Boat @ Casbah
  • Cicada Rhythm, The Whiskey Circle @ Soda Bar
  • Rebecca Jade and the Cold Fact @ Liberty Station 
  • Cardiac Kidz, The Executives, My Revenge @ Tower Bar
  • Chloe and the Liddels, Farm Truck @ Bar Pink (8pm) 
  • Rat Sabbath @ Bar Pink (10 pm)
  • Besos Trio @ Panama 66
  • Coral Bells @ Beach House (1-4pm, Free)
  • Comic-Con Wind Down @ Whistle Stop
  • Pocari Sweat - Vaporwave, Future Funk, + Anime Groove @ Space
  • House of Blues Gospel Brunch @ House of Blues (11am)
  • Graham Guillot @ Crossroads, House of Blues (FREE)
  • Summer Festival- Gustavo Romero Plays His Favorites @ La Jolla Athenaeum
  • Reckless Kelly, Nancarrow @ Music Box 
  • Stray Monroe, Street Surfers, Foxtide @ Lestat's
  • Lethal Injection @ Bancroft Bar
  • Anuhea @ Dive, Harrah's SoCal Resort
  • Turning Tydes Theatre Company presents "Wicked Wizards" @ The Lyceum
  • The Rickmobile: Don't Even Trip Roadtrip @ The Quartyard (5-8pm)
  • The Rickmobile: Don't Even Trip Roadtrip @ Comickaze Liberty Station (2-5pm)
  • Ria Carey and Don L. @ Martini's Above Fourth
  • The Shenanigans @ Winston's (2pm)
  • Kaeli Earle Trio @ Winston's (5pm)
  • The Playground - Sunday Night Dance Party @ The Merrow
  • Superstars on Stage @ Sycuan Casino (3pm & 8pm)
  • Stay Bad/H2O Party @ Blonde
  • The Nards @ Fast Times (3-6pm)
  • Whit Aadland @ Pour House (1pm)  
  • The Night Howls @ Pour House (9pm)  
  • Summer Pool Party @ Lafayette Hotel, Swim Clubs, & Bungalows
  • Pants Karaoke @ Til-Two Club
  • Coffee & Metal presents Graveyard Witch, Follow Coffins, BUTT CANDY, Vuture @ Brick By Brick
  • Salsa Sundays @ Queen Bee's (All Ages)
  • Reggae Sunday feat SM Familia, Raiz Muzik, Lexy Love @ U-31
  • Uptown Top Ranking @ The Office
  • Jason Brown @ Humphrey's Backstage Live (10am-2pm)
  • Virtual Image @ Navajo Live 
  • Southtown Generals @ Humphrey's Backstage Live (7pm)
  • Jose Sinatra's OB-o-ke @ Winston's
  • Almost Famous Karaoke @ Henry's
  • Rooftop Roots with Lubelski & Kevin Anderson @ Spin (3pm)
  • Sunday Funday Karaoke @ 710 Beach Club

Monday, July 23, 2018:
  • Fashion Jackson, MDRN HSTRY, Secret Lynx @ Casbah 
  • Con•tact, Other Ways, Asmodeus, Good Time Girl @ Soda Bar
  • George Thorogood & The Destroyers @ Humphrey's Concerts By The Bay
  • Fresh Veggies @ Bar Pink
  • Cardiac Kidz, The Executives, My Revenge @ Til-Two Club
  • Lawn, Pope @ Title TK
  • Private Event @ Belly Up
  • Motown on Monday San Diego @ The Office
  • The Cadillac Three, 7horse @ House of Blues
  • Chad and Rosie @ Crossroads, House of Blues (FREE)
  • Electric Waste Band @ Winston's
  • Makossa Mondays with DJ Tah Rei @ Seven Grand
  • Blue Monday- Dark New Wave @ Blonde
  • Tim Norton @ De Oro Mine Co
  • Andy Anderson & Nathan Fry @ Martini's Above Fourth
  • Strictly Acoustic @ Navajo Live
  • Live Prize Trivia @ Pour House  
  • Backwater Blues Band @ Humphrey's Backstage Live
  • Line Dancing Lessons @ Moonshine Beach 
  • Trivia with Shantih @ Bancroft Bar
  • Wheels of the Industry @ Live Wire
  • Open Mic @ Lestat's
  • Acoustic Night/Industry Night @ Henry's Pub
  • 31 Flavors @ U-31

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

How I Do Comic-Con: Tips, Tricks, Advice, and Photos

Darren and I were running around downtown on Monday and it occurred to me that I wrote my 'Surviving Comic-Con' post in 2010.
San Diego is very different. I am very different. Comic-Con is very different. SO I decided it was time to update.
I'll be running around with Pyles per usual, but apparently the Wired Party won't be quite our home base as it has been in the past so it will almost be like doing it for the first time for me all over again, but hopefully that just means I'll do more and see more than in the past couple years.

Hall H Line Tents Before the Con

The night before:
  • Charge cameras, backup batteries
  • Water bottle in the freezer
  • Get 777 Noodle House food so there are cold leftovers to eat throughout the week
  • Set Out of Office message on email
  • Pack my essentials bag 
Here's some stuff I always take with me:
  • A refillable water bottle
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Advil
  • Pepto
  • Baby Wipes
  • Camera
  • Phone charger/External chargers
  • Small portions of snacks (nuts, string cheese, granola/energy bars)
  • Cash, particularly singles for tipping
  • Lady products
  • Tablet
I used to also take my laptop, charger, a power strip, a hoodie, and a whole bunch of extra stuff, but it's just way too much. The weather here has been hot by day and cool by night, but I haven't worn a hoodie in nearly two months. If there's anything I need, there's a Ross on 4th & C, and home is a 12 minute Uber home.

Some little bits of advice:
  • You will be walking everywhere and should plan your clothing and footwear accordingly
  • There is a TON of construction all over downtown, especially on Tony Gwynn Parkway by the library and Petco Parking. Additionally, they've locked several of the access gates at that Petco Parking lot, so be sure you know you can get out on the other side if you pass through the lots
  • Harbor Drive is going to be closed to traffic. According to Comic-Con email, this includes ride-share services like Uber and Lyft, bikes and bike-shares like Lime, OFO, and Mobike, and scooters and scooter shares like Lime and Bird
  • Only badged attendees of Comic-Con 2018 will have access to the front drive, stairs, and surrounding sidewalks of the San Diego Convention Center
  • If you find yourself behind the Convention Center or need to get to the Embarcadero, there is a hidden walkway between The Marriott and the far end of the Convention Center where their executive offices are. Despite being required to include Coastal Access when the Convention Center was built, they will not let you pass through or over their access. 
  • If you choose to ride a share-scooter, the law says you must ride in the street, wear a helmet, and be 18+. 
  • If you call a ride-share, it would behoove you to walk a few blocks out of the Con chaos. You might be able to avoid surge pricing and you won't be a dick customer for your driver. 
Apps you should download:
  • Comic-Con Official App
  • Compass Cloud (allows you to buy an all-day MTS pass for $5 per day which works for the trolley and busses)
  • The Free Ride (FRED is a little golf-cart that gives free rides around downtonw)
  • Bike and Scooter Share: Lime, Mobike, Bird, OFO
The Free Ride

San Diego Trolley

Here's my updated map of downtown highlights:

More pictures after the jump.

Things To Do In San Diego- Comic-Con Edition: Tuesday, July 17-Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Last night, Darren and I wandered around downtown to scope out the staging for Comic-Con and the surrounding areas. I've been obsessively listening to EW Radio on SiriusXM and trying to get through my billion Comic-con emails. I still laugh that I'm press enough to get all of the emails but not press enough to get any real party invites. Or worse, being invited and then getting RSVPs declined. Hilarious. Anyhow, I promised listings including Comic-Con, however I didn't include multi-day events or activations. For those, you've got to go to my little header and select "Comic-Con 2018". Listings are after the jump.

Livenation Announces Dia De Los Deftones at Petco Park, November 3rd, 2018

Yesterday Livenation announced Dia De Los Deftones, taking place at Petco Park on November 3rd, 2018. The event features performances by Deftones, Future, Mike Shinoda, Rocket From The Crypt, Ho99o9, Doja Cat, Vein and Vowws. Tickets are $75 plus fees or $195 and up for VIP Packages. Tickets go on sale Friday at 10am via Ticketmaster, but you might find yourself to be a particularly  strong interwebs investigator and find a presale code which started early Tuesday. Get tickets here.

Full press release after the jump.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Things To Do In San Diego: Monday, July 16-Monday, July 23, 2018

Wow. I had a week. It was good, then rough, and then amazing, and I had some fun nights, like Bob Schneider at the Belly Up, Opia at the Casbah, and We Are Scientists at Casbah. Darren and I also had a date night at the Zoo and this little cheetah was just hanging out right along the fence line, so I snapped a couple pics. I proceeded to spend the rest of the weekend working on my Comic-Con and music listings and educating myself with all things pop culture (i.e. binge watching television and movies). So I've decided I'm going to do my listings two ways this week. This one is almost entirely music. Then I'll post another one with the Comic-Con stuff peppered in. If you want to see the Comic-Con stuff on it's own, it has its own tab at the top of the site (also as a pull down on mobile). I'm hoping to get a day at the Safari Park to relax before Con comes in and takes over my life. Nova comes home on Friday, too, so then we'll just be back to our crazy life. Monday to Monday listings are after the jump.

Thursday, July 12, 2018


Just got this in the email from 91X. Fingers crossed the DCFC find another date/venue. Here's the original lineup in case you missed it.

SAN DIEGO, CA – 91X and Goldenvoice have made the difficult decision to cancel X-Fest 2018 on Saturday, August 11th.  After considerable thought and reflection, we feel we are unable to deliver the level of experience the fans expect from X-Fest.

Tickets can be refunded at the point of purchase.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Photos: Hot Snakes, Le Butcherettes at Observatory, May 11, 2018

The Hot Snakes and Le Butcherettes hit the Observatory North Park on May 11, 2018. It's always hard for me to catch these guys because I usually end up selling their merch, as I did when they played a sold out show at the Casbah on March 7th. I appreciate this band and what they mean to San Diego as a band as a members of other projects through the years, but if you ever want to see grown men turn into full-on fanboys, go to a Hot Snakes show. Their latest record, Jericho Sirens (Sub Pop), got rave reviews, and it seemed anyone in my Facebook feed who posts about music, was posting about this record. Like, a lot. And with good reason, it definitely blisters, and is their first record in 14 years.
Needless to say, San Diegans are already waiting anxiously for their next chance to see the band live, where they shine the most. Le Butcherettes opened the night, and are amazing performers and very fun to shoot, too, so I have more pictures than usual after the jump.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Things To Do In San Diego: Tuesday, July 10-Monday, July 16, 2018

I get that some people like it hot, but I am not one of those people. I took this week of extreme weather to bunker in at home. I worked on Friday and Saturday at the Casbah for the Donkeys, but to be honest, if I hadn't been asked to work, I probably wouldn't have even left my house. I'm just not very pleasant to be around when the temperature rises. Plus, I'm just trying to lay low a little bit because we have some big things coming to town with Pride and Con and I'll be doing enough running around. There are some fun shows this week, though I'm gonna just take it day by day and see when I really feel motivated to get out because I've loaded up my streaming queues and am quite enjoying my air conditioning. Here's Strawberry pretty much demonstrating how I looked all week. Full listings through Monday are after the jump.

Monday, July 09, 2018

Photos: Wild Child, Stelth Ulvang at Casbah, May 5, 2018

After leaving the Hot Snakes show at the Observatory, I caught an Uber down to the Cabsah for the sold out show with Wild Child and Stelth Ulvang. It was obvious a lot of people were there to catch Stelth, a "touring member of the Lumineers", but unfortunately he was playing his last song when I arrived. I have to be super honest, I'd written off Wild Child. I confused them for the local Doors tribute band and was always astonished they could sell out the rooms they played. When I finally put it together and decided to check them out, I could've kicked myself, because they're everything I love in a band....a big folky ensemble with guitars and violin and mandolin and boy girl harmonies and call and response. They're a lot like The Head and the Heart and you know I'm obsessed with that band. So yeah, totally late to the party, but I will definitely make a point to catch them whenever they come back to town moving forward. The wide shots below are from my Samsung, the rest with my Canon. Pictures after the jump.

Photos: Bishop Briggs, Matt Maeson at The Observatory, May 5, 2018

Two months seems to be my pace of uploading photos these days. I'm sorry for that, but I'm my own worst critic, I guess. These photos are from the sold out Bishop Briggs and Matt Maeson show at the Observatory on Cinco de Mayo. It was a particularly fun day...we walked to the North Park Fiesta (though it was kind of a bust, Nova got to do free pony rides around a parking lot). We had dinner at El Comal who were understandably slammed, so I got about three bites of my dinner before I had to ditch them to get to the show, running the few blocks of University to get there.

It was my first time catching Bishop. I think her other time in town was X-Fest and maybe another I missed, so I didn't have any expectations, but I'd been on a powerful woman kick lately, and she is certainly that. She enters the stage like a boxer, with her single "White Flag," and never lets up. I love an artist who is incredibly intense while singing, or with Bishop, practically running laps from one wing of the stage to the other, then being softspoken, humble, appreciative and consumed in the adoration of her fans. It was also her sister's birthday, so she let the crowd in a singalong, laughed, joked, and performed a perfect show. More photos, including opener Matt Maeson, are after the jump. 

Thursday, July 05, 2018

Things To Do In San Diego: Thursday, July 5-Monday, July 9, 2018

I love a midweek holiday. Darren has been working a ton, so it felt really great to not have to go anywhere or do anything. I caught up on some work, admittedly not enough, but hopefully I can get my shit together while Nova is gone and be ready to enjoy Comic-Con when it rolls around in just a couple short weeks. I'll be slinging merch for The Donkeys this weekend, so come by and say hi. Listings through Monday are after the jump.

Thursday, July 5, 2018:
  • Dead Meadow, Yawning Man, The Great Electric Quest @ Casbah
  • Launder, Goldensuns, Orchin @ Soda Bar
  • MOE. @ Belly Up (SOLD OUT)
  • Celso Pina @ The Observatory
  • Montalban Quintet, Red Fox Tails, Crew D'Etat Brass Band @ Pour House  
  • Kaminanda, Living Light, Kyoshi, Launchpad Infinity @ Music Box
  • Stay Strange presents a Night of Noise Music @ Space
  • The Doors Night (Live Tribute) @ Blonde
  • Thursday Night Jazz Jams @ Ken Club (9pm-12:30am)
  • Kylland, Tehila Havaiia @ Lestat's
  • Nu Moods: Live Ham Sesh + Art with Lexi Pulido, Matt DiBlase, Harley Magsino, Grant Fisher, Julien Cantelm @ Quartyard (FREE, 6-9pm, All Ages)
  • Solace @ U-31
  • Graham Gillot @ Crossroads, House of Blues (FREE)
  • The Groove Squad @ Humphrey's Backstage Live
  • Dirty Few, Kids In Heat, Vietnam Hardcore, Wyldlife @ Tower Bar
  • Uada, The Black Moriah, Wolvhammer, Sicarius @ Brick by Brick
  • Music Videos @ Martini's Above Fourth
  • Jimmy Ruelas @ Seven Grand
  • Comedy Night @ Midnight Jack
  • Edge Of Paradise, Scarlet Canary, Tzimani @ Bancroft Bar
  • Open Jam Session @ Winston's (6-9pm)
  • Eldorado Slim & the Commodore Hotel Orchestra - Celebrating Little Feat's Waiting for Columbus! @ Winston's
  • No Limits with DJMysonKing @ The Office
  • Line Dancing Lessons @ Moonshine Flats
  • Throwdown Thursdays @ Moonshine Beach 
  • Rock Out Karaoke @ Tin Roof
  • Thursday Evening Swing Relaunch @ Queen Bee's
  • Circuit System 002: Glacci, Onhell @ Kava Lounge
  • Open Jam with Jeff Ousley @ Navajo Live
  • Tommy Price & The Stilettos @ Tio Leo's
  • Aviator Stash @ Boar Cross'n
  • Liquid Courage Karaoke @ 710 Beach Club
  • DJ Yodah @ Henry's Pub

Friday, July 6, 2018:
  • The Donkeys, Sugar Candy Mountain, Lens Mozer @ Casbah
  • Primus, Mastodon, Jjuujjuu @ Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre, SDSU
  • Metalachi, The Bombpops @ Belly Up
  • Dead & Company @ Mattress Firm Amphitheatre 
  • Schizophonics,, Jon and the Vons, Shake Before Us @ Pour House
  • Jarien Jamanila Quartet (alto saxophonist) @ Dizzy's
  • Concerts In The Park: The Lao Tizer Band @ Stagecoach Park, Carlsbad
  • Still Woozy, Temporex, DJ Rees Withrow @ Soda Bar
  • War Hogs, Pope Virgins, Sodas @ Che Cafe Collective
  • Rituals - A Dark Danse Night with  Body Worship @ Space 
  • Kottonmouth Kings, KeE, Van Brando, J.andrew, King Shem, Izzy Projectz @ Brick By Brick
  • Dance Punk Indie Blog Haus Electro Dance Party @ Blonde
  • Tomcat Courtney @ Ken Club (Free, 6-9pm)

  • First Friday Hip Hop Night @ Bar Pink
  • Sahara Grimm @ Panama 66
  • Cazztek's Sound of Fire Tour with Nicky Genesis, Scotty Boy, XOXO @ Music Box
  • The Knuckleheads Happy Hour @ Belly Up (Happy Hour 5pm)
  • Farm Truck, Ginger Cowgirl @ Black Cat Bar
  • Lower Class Brats, The 13th Victim, Confused, Dead on the Wire @ Til-Two Club
  • Kylie Trout, Allie James @ Lestat's
  • Kenny Loggins @ Pala Starlight Theater, Pala Casino
  • Lantz & Lazwell & the Vibe Tribe @ Winston's
  • Jesse Labelle @ Moonshine Beach 
  • Georgia Chrome @ Moonshine Flats 
  • Chin Up, Kid @ De Oro Mine Co
  • Canceled: Forth Wanderers, Illuminati Hotties, LoveGlow @ Voodoo Room, House of Blues
  • Jerry "Hot Rod" DeMink @ Crossroads, House of Blues (FREE)
  • Puttin Down Roots: Moonlight Trio @ California Center for the Arts, Escondido
  • Heart of Leo @ Pour House (5:30pm)  
  • The Innocent Bystanders, Mad Z and the Boones, Ventralis @ The Merrow
  • Karisma @ Bancroft Bar
  • Coco L'Amour Presents - Marvel VS DC Burlesque Show @ Queen Bee's
  • Inspired and the Sleep, The Frets, Melvus @ 710 Beach Club
  • Janice & Nathan @ Martini's Above Fourth
  • Nite Moves with DJs Beatnick & Ayla Simone @ The Office 
  • Hip Hop vs Punk Rock w/ Razor Nights, B-Turn, Sam Hell, Kamzilla and Resident DJs Unite, Sess & Mr Henshaw @ Tower Bar
  • The Green Door @ Manhattan Bar, Chula Vista
  • All-Vinyl Happy Hour w/Monsieur Turbeau @ The Office (6pm)
  • Kid Wonder @ U-31
  • Big Daddy Orchestra @ Tio Leo's
  • Backwater Blues Band @ Humphrey's Backstage Live (5pm)
  • Viva Santana @ Humphrey's Backstage Live (9pm)
  • Bam Bam @ Navajo Live (9pm)
  • Scrap Yard Aces @ The Echo Room
  • OB Comedy @ Winston's  (6-9pm)
  • Julien-K @ Hard Rock Hotel 
  • Desert Hearts: Mikey Lion, Marbs, Porky, Andreas Henneberg @ Spin San Diego
  • Klingande @ Omnia
  • Too $hort @ Parq Nightclub
  • DJ Bad @ FLUXX
  • Goodtimes @ Henry's Pub
  • Digital Cocoon with DJ IDeaL @ Kava Lounge
  • Club Musae @ Boar Cross'n
  • Line Dancing Lessons @ Ramona Mainstage
Saturday, July 7, 2018:
  • The Donkeys, Blank Tapes, Ditches @ Casbah 
  • Vance Joy, Mondo Cozmo @ Harrah's SoCal Resort
  • Concerts In The Park: Jake Najor & The Moment of Truth @ Bird Park
  • Schizophonics, The Loons, Jon and the Von @ Bar Pink
  • Daedelus, Holly, Wylie Cable @ Soda Bar
  • Tainted Love: The Best of the 80s Live!, DJ Richie @ Belly Up  
  • Kevin Hart: The Irresponsible Tour @ Viejas Arena, SDSU
  • Daneen Wilburn @ Museum of Making Music 
  • GrampaDrew's Flim Flam Revue @ Whistle Stop (5pm)
  • David Borgo 4tet with Gunnar Biggs @ Dizzy's
  • The Sleepwalkers, The Rayford Bros., The Upshots @ Ken Club
  • Hide & Go Freak @ Space
  • Tron Themed Dance Party with Aaron Wallace, Josex & Dave Parley of Prayers @ Blonde
  • Sergej Avanesov Group @ Panama 66
  • Great Electric Quest, Duel, Dizz Brew, Red Wizard @ Pour House
  • 40 Oz To Freedom, No Duh, Geezer, DJ Mancat @ Music Box
  • The Grove Collective, Sights and Sages, The Wee Beasties,  Hate Drugs, Lefties, Alex Lievanos  @ Soma
  • The Pour House @ Pour House (5pm)  
  • Polux @ The Salty Frog
  • Clinton Ross Davis @ Black Cat Bar
  • Sophia Bacino @ Lestat's
  • Peter Sprague, Tripp Sprague, Kate Sprague, Nina Francis @ Java Joe's
  • Robin Henkel @ Crossroads, House of Blues (FREE)
  • Prince Tribute : Performance by Street Kred @ Queen Bee's
  • Joanne Baduria and Soul Fire @ Martini's Above Fourth
  • Round Eye (shanghai), Squarecrow, Dodges, Wasteaways @ Tower Bar
  • Groove Kitty @ De Oro Mine Co
  • The Lost Monarchs @ The Echo Room
  • Dub Fuego @ The Coyote Bar & Grill
  • EAR, XIV, Mü @ Bancroft Bar
  • Georgia Chrome @ Moonshine Beach 
  • Jesse Labelle @ Moonshine Flats 
  • Blue Jean Simmons @ Winston's (2pm)
  • 8 East @ Winston's (5pm)
  • MIX MOB, Dang and Frontyard @ Winston's (10pm)
  • DJ Fast Eddie @ Til-Two Club
  • San Diego Tribute to Fallen Music Icons (Celebrating the music of Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Type O Negative, Motorhead, AC/DC, Dio, Ozzy, and more) @ Brick By Brick
  • Bear Night San Diego @ The Merrow
  • Strictly Business w/DJs Edroc & KanyeAsada @ The Office
  • She Fest 2018 feat. vverevvolf, tan esintrik odom
  • Fluid Foundation, I-Abide @ 710 Beach Club
  • UFC, DJ Freeman @ U-31
  • Detroit Underground @ Tio Leo's
  • Sue Palmer @ Humphrey's Backstage Live (5pm)
  • GruvMatic @ Humphrey's Backstage Live (9pm)
  • Red Hot Chili Cookout @ Tin Roof
  • The Tale band @ Goodbar
  • Mercer, Matphilly @ Bassmnt
  • Deep House Runway with Tara Brooks @ Spin (3pm)
  • Make America Bass Again @ Spin (10pm)
  • Serious Guise @ Navajo Live 
  • DJ Drama @ FLUXX
  • Konflikt @ Parq
  • DJs Robin Roth, Kaerie, Psychosomatic @ Kava Lounge
  • Rockstar Saturdays @ Henry's
Sunday, July 8, 2018:
  • The Jacks, The Frets, Steal Away @ Casbah
  • Toots and the Maytals @ Harrah's SoCal Resort
  • Los Cafres - Sigo Caminando 2018 - USA Tour @ House of Blues
  • Summer Chorus @ Museum of Making Music 
  • Coherence, Watercolor Paintings, Causa, Neutral Shirt @  Che Cafe Collective (3pm)
  • Petal + Camp Cope, Sidney Gish @ Che Cafe Collective
  • Concerts In The Park: Tainted Love @ Coronado Promenade Summer Concert Series 2018
  • Summer Festival with Gustavo Romero @ La Jolla Athenaeum
  • Alexis Joi @ Panama 66
  • Sully & The Blue-Eyed Soul Band “CAF/MADE IN SAN DIEGO” Fundraiser @ Belly Up 
  • Graham Gillot Band @ Crossroads, House of Blues (FREE)
  • LED Presents: Destructo @ Quartyard (4pm)
  • House of Blues Gospel Brunch @ House of Blues (10am & 1pm)
  • The Reapers, Alvino and the Dwells @ Bar Pink (8pm)
  • Rat Sabbath @ Bar Pink (10pm)
  • PacoLipps, Strawberry Mountain @ Bancroft Bar
  • Festival Orchestra- Yuval Yaron @ California Center for the Arts, Escondido
  • Babette's Pride Kick-Off Bingo! @ Martini's Above Fourth (Brunch 11am, Bingo 1pm)
  • Ria Carey and Don L. @ Martini's Above Fourth
  • The Big Lewinsky @ Moonshine Beach 
  • The Blonde Brothers @ Winston's (2pm)
  • Fish and the Seaweeds @ Winston's (5pm)
  • Whit Aadland @ Pour House (1-4pm)
  • The Night Howls @ Pour House (9pm)  
  • Pants Karaoke @ Til-Two Club
  • Sounds Like Summer: Blackcast, Lil' Evil, Evan Diamond, Silent Vice, Fashion Jackson, and Reyah @ Brick By Brick
  • Salsa Sundays @ Queen Bee's (All Ages)
  • Reggae Sunday @ U-31
  • Uptown Top Ranking @ The Office
  • Mercedes Moore @ Humphrey's Backstage Live (10am-2pm)
  • Underworld (Gothic/Industrial) @ Navajo Live 
  • Major Interval @ Humphrey's Backstage Live (7pm)
  • Jose Sinatra's OB-o-ke @ Winston's
  • Almost Famous Karaoke @ Henry's
  • Sunday Funday Karaoke @ 710 Beach Club

Monday, July 9, 2018:
  • Angelo De Augustine, Many Rooms @ Casbah 
  • TWRP, Planet Booty, JP Incorporated @ Soda Bar
  • Coral Bells @ Bar Pink
  • Morose, Lucia, The Rookies, one tba @ Che Cafe Collective
  • Motown on Mondays Relaunch Party
  • Electric Waste Band @ Winston's
  • Makossa Mondays with DJ Tah Rei @ Seven Grand
  • Blue Monday- Dark New Wave @ Blonde
  • San Diego Poetry Slam @ Queen Bee's
  • Andy Anderson & Nathan Fry @ Martini's Above Fourth
  • Strictly Acoustic @ Navajo Live
  • Live Prize Trivia @ Pour House  
  • Lady Dottie & The Diamonds @ Humphrey's Backstage Live
  • Line Dancing Lessons @ Moonshine Beach 
  • Trivia with Shantih @ Bancroft Bar
  • Wheels of the Industry @ Live Wire
  • Open Mic @ Lestat's
  • Acoustic Night/Industry Night @ Henry's Pub
  • 31 Flavors @ U-31

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Things To Do In San Diego: Tuesday, July 3-Wednesday, July 4, 2018

This is an older picture from earlier this year, but I thought I'd share a family picture because Nova left today for St. Louis. It's not as terrible as usual, due to unexpected circumstances, her departure was delayed, and the overall trip shortened. We did what we always do when she leaves...slept in...and now I'm just trying to prep myself for some intense work catch up. So I guess I'll get started on my next week of listings, some Casbah ads, and planning out the next 21 days without a kid. I also wanted to share this picture with Ficus in it, because tomorrow is actually a terrible, awful, horrible day for many of our four-legged friends, so keep your pets safe, noise cancel your house as best you can, and be on alert for loose, lost, or scared animals. Have fun if you're heading out tonight and I'll get other listings up by Thursday morning. Tuesday & Wednesday are after the jump.

Independence Day: Where To Watch Fireworks in San Diego

Wednesday is the 4th of July, and given recent events in our country and current leadership, I am not particularly compelled to believe there's anything to celebrate, so I wasn't gonna even bother posting this list this year, but I acknowledge that while Saudi women are celebrating the right to drive and Iranian women are rebelling by dancing in the streets, we are still not quite Gilead, though the treatment of migrants and refugees, family separations, and putting children in cages is absolutely reprehensible, shameful, and will forever be a black mark on our history. Tristan's list at SanDiego.org is still up, though I'm not sure it's been updated for 2018. Below is a little update of my list from last year.

The Big Bay Boom.

Remember this?

The Big Bay Boom can be seen from many spots in San Diego, but these are your prime locations.

Shelter Island
Harbor Island
North Embarcadero
Marina District
Coronado Ferry Landing

The Big Bay Boom starts at 9pm and is synchronized to music on The Mighty 1090 and Max FM 105.7. It's also gonna be on TV but that just sounds dumb.

Chula Vista @ Elite Athletic (formerly Olympic) Training Center
6pm Gates Open
9pm Fireworks synchronized to 91X, Magic 92.5, and Z 90.3

10am Parade down Orange
4pm Spreckels Park Concert
9pm Fireworks in Glorietta Bay

El Cajon @ Kennedy Park
3pm Live Music
9pm Fireworks with Synchronized Music

Escondido @ California Center for the Arts, Escondido
4pm-9pm Moonlight Trio, Finnegan Blue, Casey Hensley
9pm Fireworks & Camp Pendleton 1st Marine Division Band

Imperial Beach @ IB Pier
9pm Fireworks Synchronized to KyXy 96.5
Followed by Live Music at IB Pier Plaza

La Jolla @ La Jolla Cove/Scripps Park
9pm Fireworks

La MesaLake Murray Fireworks and Musicfest @ Lake Murray
11am-9pm: Leianna Weaver, The Bayou Brothers, The Revival Band, Freeze Fram, Sensation Showband
9pm Fireworks

Mira Mesa Community Park
7-11am Pancake Breakfast
11:30 Parade
11am-9pm Family Fun Day
9pm Fireworks Synchronized to KyXy 96.5

National City @ Kimball Park
12pm-11pm Carnival
9pm Fireworks

Ocean Beach @ OB Pier
9pm Fireworks Synchronized to KyXy 96.5

Ramona @ Olive Pierce Middle School
5pm Festivities
9pm Fireworks

San Marcos @ Bradley Park
6-9pm, feat. Liquid BLue
9pm Fireworks

Spring Valley @ Swap Meet
9pm Fireworks Synchronized to KyXy 96.5

While Camp Pendleton (9pm), San Diego County Fair (9pm), La Costa (9pm), Legoland (8:30pm), Santee (9pm), Poway (9pm), Rancho Bernardo (9pm), Sea World (9:40), and Vista (9pm) all have festivities, I've opted NOT to include paid events/paid parking events, but you can follow the links if you're interested.