Tuesday, July 17, 2018

How I Do Comic-Con: Tips, Tricks, Advice, and Photos

Darren and I were running around downtown on Monday and it occurred to me that I wrote my 'Surviving Comic-Con' post in 2010.
San Diego is very different. I am very different. Comic-Con is very different. SO I decided it was time to update.
I'll be running around with Pyles per usual, but apparently the Wired Party won't be quite our home base as it has been in the past so it will almost be like doing it for the first time for me all over again, but hopefully that just means I'll do more and see more than in the past couple years.

Hall H Line Tents Before the Con

The night before:
  • Charge cameras, backup batteries
  • Water bottle in the freezer
  • Get 777 Noodle House food so there are cold leftovers to eat throughout the week
  • Set Out of Office message on email
  • Pack my essentials bag 
Here's some stuff I always take with me:
  • A refillable water bottle
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Advil
  • Pepto
  • Baby Wipes
  • Camera
  • Phone charger/External chargers
  • Small portions of snacks (nuts, string cheese, granola/energy bars)
  • Cash, particularly singles for tipping
  • Lady products
  • Tablet
I used to also take my laptop, charger, a power strip, a hoodie, and a whole bunch of extra stuff, but it's just way too much. The weather here has been hot by day and cool by night, but I haven't worn a hoodie in nearly two months. If there's anything I need, there's a Ross on 4th & C, and home is a 12 minute Uber home.

Some little bits of advice:
  • You will be walking everywhere and should plan your clothing and footwear accordingly
  • There is a TON of construction all over downtown, especially on Tony Gwynn Parkway by the library and Petco Parking. Additionally, they've locked several of the access gates at that Petco Parking lot, so be sure you know you can get out on the other side if you pass through the lots
  • Harbor Drive is going to be closed to traffic. According to Comic-Con email, this includes ride-share services like Uber and Lyft, bikes and bike-shares like Lime, OFO, and Mobike, and scooters and scooter shares like Lime and Bird
  • Only badged attendees of Comic-Con 2018 will have access to the front drive, stairs, and surrounding sidewalks of the San Diego Convention Center
  • If you find yourself behind the Convention Center or need to get to the Embarcadero, there is a hidden walkway between The Marriott and the far end of the Convention Center where their executive offices are. Despite being required to include Coastal Access when the Convention Center was built, they will not let you pass through or over their access. 
  • If you choose to ride a share-scooter, the law says you must ride in the street, wear a helmet, and be 18+. 
  • If you call a ride-share, it would behoove you to walk a few blocks out of the Con chaos. You might be able to avoid surge pricing and you won't be a dick customer for your driver. 
Apps you should download:
  • Comic-Con Official App
  • Compass Cloud (allows you to buy an all-day MTS pass for $5 per day which works for the trolley and busses)
  • The Free Ride (FRED is a little golf-cart that gives free rides around downtonw)
  • Bike and Scooter Share: Lime, Mobike, Bird, OFO
The Free Ride

San Diego Trolley

Here's my updated map of downtown highlights:

More pictures after the jump.

Parking Garage Elevator at Hilton Bayfront

Hilton Bayfront

Across from New Children's Museum

SyFy Fan & Creators Party Set Up at New Children's Museum

Hulu "Campsite"

Jack Ryan Activation

I'm not sure if this is for an upcoming show or film, but I thought it was funny that it's just Nathan Fillion with no context, like those old Angelique billboards all over LA.

Sacred Lies Escape Room @ Lexus Premier Lot

Side of Hilton Bayfront Parking

In Front of Hilton Bayfront


Hilton Bayfront Grass Field

Adult Swim Summer Camp

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Birdsy_Purplefish said...

They weren't going to let you access the bay between the Marriot and the convention center? I passed through there badgeless at least twice without a hassle! Maybe because the exhibit hall was closed by the time I got there? It's my favorite little shortcut to First Avenue.