Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cat Power, 4.16.08., 4th&B

Last week was a bit hectic, so I'm getting to the posting now. Wednesday was a bit hectic. I had to be at 4th&B by 7, so I rushed home after work, ate a quick dinner, and just before I was about to head of, an ex showed up at my house out of the blue so I could meet his dog. Apparently not contacting him for oh, 2 years, warranted the unexpected visit, but I had to roll so lates, bro.

I arrived at 4th&B and entered from the side. I was selling merch for Cat Power, so I met the manager outside, caught opener Appaloosa's sound check for a minute, then we got right to work, counting inventory and hanging a display. I had a little time after setting up and Tim was working the show, so we went to hang out on the side for a minute before doors. Chan borrowed my lighter. That was my only contact I had with her for the night. I was glad I didn't really address her, because it wasn't until that night that I learned her name was pronounced "Sean" and not like Jackie Chan. I'm not gonna lie...I don't have any of her albums and I couldn't tell you a single song she sings, except perhaps a couple of her covers. I was glas I was working because I was hoping to understand the big deal, maybe be converted to a fan.

It was fun working the table because so many of my friends were there. I was able to score Natalie a photo pass, so she agreed to give me 3 "exclusive" photos for my site. You can see other examples of her photography on her site here, and a little side note, Natalie is the only photographer being sent to Coachella by Pitchfork Media, so make sure to check her results in the next couple weeks.

The show started with local Addiquit performing a couple songs. It was awkwardly short, and there was no set change when Appaloosa came out since they both seemed to just have some prerecorded beats. I'm happy to report, being that she's local, that several people asked me about Addiquit, and I was happy to write down her myspace page for them.


Appaloosa is from France and was really sweet to me when she found out I was selling her CDs. A few people really weren't digging the set, but plenty of others asked me about her and bought the album, so I guess it was a mixed reaction. The complaints weren't about the music necessarily, but that the show felt like someone messing around with beats in their bedroom and wasn't much to watch on such a huge stage.

Finally Cat Power took the stage. I didn't really get to see the show at all from where I was, and I was disappointed that what I did hear was a whole lot of complaining. "My throat is shot." "What's with these lights?" "Is this room the San Diego aquarium?" and finally, "This is the worst show ever." It wasn't a great show, and to her defense, the next day Cat Power had to cancel several dates because she had wrecked her vocal chords, but it made me wonder why she still felt compelled to play a nearly two hour set.

I watched the crowd flood out after only the first hour, but she kept playing. I think many in San Diego wished that our show was cancelled, too, or at least postponed to a date when she was healthy and all of her stage banter wasn't just a whole bunch of complaints, because while it may have been about the sound, or the lights, or the room, the truth is, when you complain about our city, our town, our venues, it only sounds like you're complaining about us, and we get a little defensive.

After the show, I counted out and got out really late, but stopped by the Ken to be with my peeps and to take a load off, and that I did. I had a good night, I only wish that the people who paid so much for those tickets could say the same.


Anonymous said...

It is pretty sad and pathetic that this blogger is proud and pretentious enough to write about NOT knowing the name of one of the top female artists in the country. Its not some obscure act, and I thought this blog was all about music? Its hardly a review, but rather a 2nd grade-level play-by-play of each and every mundane and useless move the writer made that night. I also love the lack of descriptive adjectives, insight or humor. Nice going, San Diego.

Rosemary Bystrak said...

It's pretty sad and pathetic that you felt the need to write your useless comment on my personal blog.
I was working, not there for the show, but still opted to write about my experience that night, which is all this site promises to do.

There are few things I hate more than anonymous commenters who think their shit doesn't stink.

Please don't ever visit my site again. I don't need the .000000003 cents I might get if you clicked an ad. I surely hope you don't live in San Diego.

Unknown said...

I had a different opinion of the show. I was right in front and I thought it was pretty good. If that's her voice when it's shot . . . But I did go with a friend who hated it. I guess I kind of expected her to be a little weird, so I was surprised at how good her stage presence was. Plus it was kind of funny to hear her say the fuck between singing bits of the song :-) It was definitely different.

I really appreciate your coverage, especially in the face of trolls who just stop by to be assholes.

Anonymous said...

shitty first comment there anonymous. You didn't notice the context of the post or the blog itself?

"nice going, San Diego" WTF does that mean?

Anonymous said...

anonymous = Chan Marshall

Anonymous said...

Yes. I was there and it was a great show, Chan was awesome live. I really liked the opening bands, too. Amazing & unexpected power! Cat Power... and go Addiquit & Appaloosa