Thursday, April 10, 2008

Habitat House/Zombie Lounge, 4.6.08

My weekend was great and relaxing, though I was a bit of a homebody until Sunday night when I went to Habitat House to see Trash Can Fires and David Williams. David was amazing. He played solo and I guess he's out of Utah. His voice was beautiful. A couple songs reminded me of the sadder Jay Farrar songs, not only vocally, but in the way they were written- the kind of music you take on a road trip when you're passing through Joshua Tree and there's nothing but you, the car, the road, and the music, and perhaps a tall coffee and a carton of cigarettes. Music for a "therapy cruise" as Douglas Coupland calls those. His final song reminded me of John Vanderslice, which he was flattered by when I told him so. I didn't want to take pictures, though I'm sure David wouldn't have minded, it was just too awesome in that living room, fireplace crackling, snuggling on the couch, 20 people sipping their wine or beer or whatever they brought for themselves. In buying his CD, he also gave me a burned disc of some of his MP3s and a sampler from other artists from his area, so it was definitely a smart purchase. You can check out his music and MySpace page here.

Trashcan Fires were also great. A local three piece, they mixed up instruments quite frequently as well as vocals, though they seemed a little shy, kinda backed up from the crowd and turned away for much of their set. The main vocals are handled by this beautiful blonde named Genevieve, with a sweet voice and who mostly plays the autoharp. While I look forward to seeing them again, my hope is that its back at the Habitat House because if they were to play most any other venue, they'd be drowned out by any kind of ambient sound.

In writing this now, I wish I had taken at least a couple pictures...perhaps next time.

After all of that, we went to The Zombie Lounge to check out Writer. We missed the rest of the bill save one band, I think they were The Fling, and other than commenting that one of the guys was a hottie and I enjoyed them, I don't really remember much more about their set other than the harmonies which I always love.

Then Writer, whose words and vocals make me swoon like a tween girl watching The Jonas Brothers. I've written plenty about them lately and for good reason- I truly think they're a great band and I love how it took one listen to their CD for me to be able to sing along. They're the kind of band that, each time I see them or listen to their CD, I have a new favorite song every time.


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