Sunday, April 06, 2008

A rundown of my last few days

I guess I haven't really posted since the Beto Cuevas show so here's a quick rundown on how the last few nights have been for me.

Thursday, my friend Kristian and I went to the Pearl Hotel in Point Loma for a "Yelp Elite" party. Thanks to Ruggy for the invite. I love the hotel though it's been a while since I stopped by(you can read about the last time I was there here. Booze was provided by Effen Vodka (yay!) and there were some delicious tray passed appetizers. When we got there, we went straight for a cabana- I think a lot of people didn't know they were out by the pool and confined themselves to the bar- and it was great to hang out with other friends...Daye, Aaron, etc.

From there, we went to TNT where Absolut Grapefruit was the sponsor. Excellent. I liked F.U.Z.Z. though I didn't expect to because any band described as "funk" usually makes me turn and run. Then Ex-Friends played and the patio was more crowded. I love TNT and really look forward to some of the summer shows, when it's warm out, the days longer, and more people show up.

I said my goodbyes to Kristian and his friends and made my way to Chaser's, though by the time I arrived, I missed Di Nigunim, and ended up just sitting at the bar with Gene. It was a full on Punkboard night there. Sandra showed up and we ended up at my house after while she waited for Taxi Rob to come get her.

Friday night was a one stop night for me. I met James at the bar so we were on the bar side while Witt played but we got a booth when the Henry Clay People and Swim Party played. There weren't a lot of people at the bar, maybe everyone was at "The Fest" at the Casbah, but those of us who were there got a great show. The Henry Clay people are from LA and their original stuff is great, but I was especially taken by their cover of The Replacements' "Can't Hardly Wait" and they did a fun version of Operation Ivy's "Don't Know Nothin'" and I was finally able to pick up their CDs. Then of course Swim Party rocked our socks off, and I was glad there was an intimate crowd of good friends there for what was their last show in a while since Eric is getting married soon, and Petro's got to take some time to get ready for his late summer wedding.

Saturday was a lazy day punctuated by dinner at Lefty's. I decided to take a nap before heading to the Casbah, but when the time came, I never made it to the Casbah. I was tired and needed the rest, but ended up waking up in the middle of the night and rediscovered my new best friend, Hulu.

Hulu is a site that hosts tons of tv shows and movies. Watching is free if you don't mind a few commercials. I watched half of the third season of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, then shut down and went back to dreamland. Now I'm home and scratched my plans for that Vegan BBQ to hang at home. I think James and I are going to Habitat House in a little while but until then, I'm signing off. If I don't sign back on, don't forget to check out 91X in the morning. Mat Diablo makes his morning show debut. He's a great guy and has shared some of his plans for the show and I think people who enjoy some talk and music will be pleased. I hope.

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