Sunday, April 27, 2008

South Return To San Diego

I'm having kind of a shitty weekend. Friday was great, but yesterday was a day of almosts, as I almost went to ArtWalk but gave up when I couldn't find parking (I should've taken the bus). Instead, I hung out at my sister's which was good, but when I came home I was feeling sick. I tried to power through and got ready to go out, but I wasn't feeling well. I even motivated and tried to power through, but when I got to the Casbah, the line outside was huge and I couldn't bear the thought of being at a sold out show based on how I was feeling. Then I circled up by the House Party, and realized I was out of my mind if I was gonna hang out in the basement with the way I was feeling. So I came home.

Today's weather is bumming me out and certainly not making me feel any better, and I have to be honest and say I'm really bummed that I didn't find a way in to either KPRi's or FM 94/9's DCFC shows today. I love those stations and they've both certainly taken care of me in the past but no such luck this time around and I'm sad about that.

So I'm sitting around in my cave today, curtains drawn, trying to keep cool in my apartment, and trying to find some things to be happy about and things to look forward to, and I had to look no further than the Casbah's schedule. Here are some shows I'm really excited about.

May 18- South, The Silver State, Ki Theory, Johnny Lloyd @ Brick by Brick 21+
May 28- The National and guests at House of Blues 21+
June 23- Anti Monday League presents Frightened Rabbit, Oxford Collapse
June 3- Anti Monday League presents Swim Party, the Henry Clay People, Writer
July 23- Rocky Votolato (solo acoustic)with special guest Owen

Some things to definitely be happy about. Now I just wish I could kick whatever this ailment is that I have because it's really cramping my style.

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