Monday, April 28, 2008

Fundraiser For A New Camera

So yes, my camera is broken, and I've got some serious picture taking to do. That little government check we're supposed to get is all going to making my car run for another year or else it's gonna fall apart.

If any of you have it in your hearts, I'm taking donations for a new camera, just a small one to replace the one I've got. If everyone who reads this site daily just put $1 in that little PayPal account to the right, I could run out and buy a new camera today and have pics for you of M.I.A. tomorrow... think about it. It's simple and you probably have a buck laying around in your couch cushions anyway. You can use ATM, debit, credit, whatever...and I'd be forever in your collective debt.

1 comment:

White Light said...

heya I am going to M.I.A., and I could give you a dollar or two towards your camera there, would that work ? :-)