Thursday, April 03, 2008

Musee Mecanique @ Casbah, 3.31.08

After an e-mail dialog and a media stream of an album, I was quite happy on Monday to check out Musee Mecanique. While I was offered an interview with the band, I declined...I'm still just not feeling adequate to go there...but nonetheless, I've been listening to the band's forthcoming album on the stream and I knew I was not going to be disappointed by their show at the Casbah for this week's Anti-Monday League.

I arrived midway through the set from the Casbah debut of the Wrong Trousers and they sounded far more polished than I expected, though my pictures look like shit so I'll spare you. They're a three piece, under 21 bunch from Coronado, who got a little bit of buzz from some random YouTube video of them performing "Video Killed The Radio Star", which wouldn't seem notable, except that the band consists of a stand up bass, a mandolin, and a harp. I was really impressed with the half of the set I caught, not only because their music is beautiful...mixing unexpected covers by the likes of The Strokes with originals, but their storytelling and stage banter reminded me a lot of Nickel Creek, whereas they sound so cute, particularly when the harpist explains that she wrote a song about a first grade crush named Calvin, "and if you ever see him, kick him in the butt for me." The song goes on about her passing a note of the "Do you like me?" variety and closes with something like "you didn't have to circle 'no' a million times." Their naivete is sweet and almost disguises how amazing this band is destined to be.

Then came Musee Mecanique, with two members who were born and bred in SD, but who formed their band in Portland. They were supposed to play here in the fall, however they arrived the first day of our firestorms and ended up playing at a friend's house which ended up being evacuated the next morning.

The band is made up of five members, rotating instruments including guitars, keys, accordion, and drums, among other sounds, and it was beautiful. And did I mention they played a saw? I would love love love to see this band perform with Old Man Hands as they're very much the same vein. Third song in was Fits and Starts, my personal fave of what I've heard of their recordings, and I'm only sorry that Justin killed the center lights at the Casbah or I'd have recorded the song on video.

On top of their amazing set, which had the crowd begging for more (though full disclosure I must acknowledge most of the audience were friends and family). Nonetheless, I thought they sounded great and picked up the tour EP and an American Apparel tee for $20, and when Abraham and Jason showed up after the set, I talked them into buying the EP as well.

Here are the pics:

The night closed out with Diana Death, but their sound just wasn't right for the night, so instead we hung on the patio with the band and chatted and I caught up with my friends. When things should've ended, my friends and I decided to catch last call at Cherry Bomb, but sometimes you just have to go with the wild impulse. And I'm glad I did; it was a great night of music sealed with a great night with my pals. And what better way to express that Anti-Monday feeling?

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Anonymous said...

Wrong Trousers are amazing, and I have you to thank for posting a vid of them playing in Balboa Park awhile back. Their arrangements are inspired, and they're about the most charismatic trio I've ever seen onstage!