Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What Happened To Chris Cantore?, Part 3

Last summer, my dad got tickets for INXS at Harrah's Rincon Casino. My mom and I used the tickets while he gambled in the casino. On the way there, driving up the 15, traffic was jammed up per usual, and the whole way we were neck and neck with this van. It said

Priding myself on knowing all things music, I wrote down the site name because I'd never heard of it before. When my dad and I were waiting in the comp area for our tickets, the guys in front of us were picking up their press tickets- they were the ones driving that van. I chatted briefly with one of them, asking what their deal was and the concept sounded pretty cool. An internet station that plays alternative music, but with deeper tracks, interviews, and a more free format than radio can offer.

Fast forward to now, and I'm happy to announce that Chris Cantore will be the official morning show dude on starting this Monday, May 5. Actually, he's on as I'm listening right now as "Don Diego", but the official start is Monday, and you can stream it daily from 8am to noon, every workday. For all of you missing Chris' morning voice, now you can stream him without the trouble of downloading podcasts.

And now they are playing Gogol Bordello and I'm happy, so I'm done writing, and off to internet land.


Anonymous said...

"Priding myself on knowing all things music"
you seem to pride yourself on being ignorant of most things music...except Writer's favorite cereal and crayon color.

Rosemary Bystrak said...

Seriously, go fuck yourself. I only posted your comment to let you know I won't post your stupid fucking comments again. Why do you keep coming back if I'm such a moron? You're a self righteous prick.

catdirt said...


Anonymous said...

I just checked X1FM and they're playing the smiths followed by some cool german industrial song... WTF?! where did these guys come from?
waaay better than any of the crap currently on FM