Friday, April 18, 2008

Why Today Is Awesome

I took the day of from the day job because my brother and sister-in-law are in town before he's shipped off to that middle east hellhole. I'm just kickin it before I head down to Chula Vista. Days off rule, because there's this little satisfaction in knowing that while everyone else in the universe is working, I'm laying in my bed with my dog at my side, laptop on my lap, with 10 internet tabs open, and nothing is required of me today.
Here are some other reasons why today is awesome:
  1. San Diego weather: 72.3 degrees

  2. Magazine day! Got the new Wired, Fast Company, The Week, and Real Simple in the mail. I might not read enough when it comes to books, but I'm all over magazines, news sites and blogs. Information overload does not exist for me.

  3. Publicists! I got the new Langhorne Slim album in the mail. I LOVE those guys. The album officially comes out April 29, and they're playing at the Casbah on May 13th and you better believe I will be there. You can have all the diamonds, you can have all the gold, but someday you're still gonna get old. You gotta learn to get a little happy along the way.

  4. Groceries! As a single person without roommates, most of the time eating out seems like the easiest thing and going to the store means I just pick up a couple things at a time, but this week I went shopping and it's good to know that I am well stocked and won't have to put fast food poison in my body for a few weeks, not to mention I've also got a variety of wines, liquor, and beer that are there, just in case.

  5. Things to Do! Did you see my listings for this weekend? There is so much going on this weekend that choosing where to go will be a task in itself, but I live for weekends like this and though I have a ton of pics to post from my week, my internet hours will likely be kept to a minimum this weekend because who wants to sit on the net when the sky is this blue and the weather is this perfect?

  6. Family! As I mentioned, my bro is here. He got to meet my niece for the first time and we're having a family BBQ tomorrow to celebrate my sister's birthday.

So yeah, that's the shortlist of things pleasing me today...and now my sister-in-law called and they're on their way to pick me up, so I gots to bounce. I'll check in later tonight, but until then, HAPPY FRIDAY!!

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