Monday, April 07, 2008

Local Music Newsy Bits

It's been a while since I've gathered some newsy bits but there are a few things of note that I thought were worth mentioning.

*The Stereotypes landed the theme song for a new cable show called "Peter Perfect". It airs on Saturday April 19th at 9pm on The Style Network ( They are using the song "Skinny Penny" from their Leftovers EP. The same song is also being used in an episode of "Bones" (Fox) which airs on May 5. They're also working on a new record which should be out in Fall 08.

*Roses on Her Grave are in search of a new bassist. They're playing at the Ken Club on Friday for those interested who wanna check it out. It's also CJ's birthday that night so say hi.

*For anyone who didn't already read it on the other local blogs, The Muslims were recently a "Band To Watch" on You can read what they had to say about our local boys here. Also, if you've got some graphic skills, Kelly from Sweet Tooth Records needs some help making a banner for their 7" of "Extinction" that will be posted on various sites, including this one. Contact me and I'll put you in touch with Kelly if you're interested.

Got some news I missed? Email me and let me know...

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