Saturday, April 19, 2008

Blogless Saturday

I won't have wi-fi at my parents house, but lest you think it was just a chill week over here, here's the rundown of the stuff I still need to post when I get the time:
  1. Ride the Boogie & Casket Salesman at the Casbah 4.15.08
  2. Cat Power at 4th & B 4.16.08
  3. Bill, Republic of Letters, Swim Party at the Belly Up 4.17.08
  4. The Sword at the Casbah 4.17.08
  5. The Ken Club, Jivewire at the Casbah, Cherry Bomb 4.18.08
  6. Winner of my Ragged CD party pack

Have a happy Saturday, and if you don't have a big family party today like I do, make sure you hit up Lou's or M-Theory for Record Store Day.

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