Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Elf Power & Flowers Forever, 4.21.08

Before the shutter button popped off my camera, I caught Elf Power, Flowers Forever, and the last couple songs from Agent Ribbons. It was one of those kinda quiet nights, where they let people in through the sidestage door instead of the main entrance.

Agent Ribbons is a two-piece girl duo and they were dancey pants and super fun. The singer was sporting a lime green dress which contrasted her Raggedy Ann red curls as she danced around the stage. I've heard great things about the band and the couple songs I saw were great, so I look forward to seeing them again. They seem like a perfect house party band, perhaps paired with Jamuel Saxon.

Forever Flowers, from Omaha, were up second, and I really liked them a lot but couldn't really place who I thought they sounded like, mostly because the singer reminded me of the singer from Material Issue with his bowl haircut. I kept humming "Valerie Loves Me" in my head. Had I taken more cash, I would've bought their CD, so I'll keep an eye out for them in the future.

Last up was Elf Power and I loved their last CD, Back To The Web so I had to catch them again, even though this time around, just like the last, they played stuff from their entire catalogue and I wasn't familiar with most of it. The singer has this intriguing look...I couldn't stop thinking that he looks like a cross between Mike Kamoo of The Stereotypes and Jeff Tweedy. Their set was sweet and the girls from Agent Ribbons and their friends made it a full on dance party up in front, which from the look on the singer's face, was a first. The jangly guitars and his sweet voice made it for an enjoyable night of music.

After the show, I went to U-31 to see the mechanical bull riding which was awesome, because Josh from Silent Comedy rode the bull like a madman. It was pretty fun and maybe one of these days, I might mount the little bovine myself.

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