Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Muslims, Tower Bar, 4.2.08

I should've posted these pics sooner, especially since two days later, The Muslims were named a "Band To Watch" on If you don't read the site, it's one of the few music blogs I really read. I know it's probably surprising, I should be reading a lot more of them, but honestly, there's so much to take in across the web and honestly, it does me little good to read about 200 bands that will never bother to come to San Diego, so I pay attention to the press releases I get, my Google Alerts, and my favorite local blogs and rags and beyond that, I'm still as clueless as the next person, unless someone directs me to the next great band I should've had on my radar, like, totally like, um, 6 months ago, you mean you haven't heard of them yet?

Well, fortunately we get to have The Muslims in our own backyard and even though they've kinda relocated up the 5, they are still loyal to their home and have plenty of opportunities to catch them.

I never got around to posting these pics because I was so sprung on my noche rockera with Beto Cuevas, but they're so freaking rad and really, I guess it's been some time since I posted pics of them with their couple of lineup tweaks, so here are the pics from The Tower Bar.

Did I mention that was a really great night? Work was definitely painful the next day...

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