Saturday, April 12, 2008

Louis XIV & Transfer @ House of Blues, 4.10.08

Wednesday night I went to catch Birds of Avalon at Bar Pink Elephant. I saw them last time they were in town and definitely wanted to see them again. They've got this great 70s vibe to them...a little Sabbath and a little Zeppelin...We hung at a back table, however, so I didn't take pictures. It was my first time seeing a show at Bar Pink Elephant and I was a little disappointed. The sound is so dampened by the carpet and the ceiling tiles that it sounds mushy and even when the band was totally rocking out, it felt like there was just no energy. It would've been a show better suited for the Tower Bar, so no diss on the band at all, I'm just not gonna be in any rush to see bands at Pink Elephant, which is unfortunate because I love the bar itself.

Thursday night found me at the House of Blues for the Louis XIV and Transfer. I missed Blackout Party and Los Dos Bros because I worked till almost 8, but was there well in time for Transfer. I have to preface this by giving props to the House of Blues. Anyone who has read this site for some time knows that I had my share of complaints about the venue, particularly in their security and search policies. I've been there a few times now and they've quit the wanding, the searching of purses, the confiscation of cameras. Security might still flash their flashlights on you if they see you videotaping or using flash photography from the audience, but that's a huge change from before, and now I'm really looking forward to seeing the National on that stage. I guess me and the House of Blues have kissed and made up.

Anyway, Ray Suen got me a photopass, so I was happy to see Transfer own that huge stage and to be able to take pics from up close though I guess whoever was doing the lights wanted to highlight Matt and Shaun's white suits by almost only using red lighting which sucks for my camera, but it is what it is. This was Shaun Cornell's debut with the band so I was especially happy to see him joining the boys.

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They sounded great as ever and they really belong on a stage of that size, so we're pretty lucky that they still grace our smaller San Diego venues because that might not always be the case.

After their set, Natalie and I went upstairs to the bar for a beer and to catch up. That's another thing about House of Blues that has changed since I had my own little personal boycott...when entering the venue they give you a stamp for re-entry, something that should've been the policy from the get go, but at least they came around.

We got caught talking for a while, and missed Louis XIV's first song, but were still able to take some pics for the next two songs. The guys in Louis are definitely performers and their crowd ate it up. I only wish that I could've gotten some pics of Ray since he is moving on from Louis, but he was on the side of the stage out of the range of most of the lights.

Anyway, here's what I did get...

After the show, I made my way to the Beauty Bar and watched The Happy Hollows, but I'll post those pics later.

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