Monday, April 14, 2008

Some Random Notes

In the past couple weeks I've added some links on my sidebar that I thought I should point out.

First, Bart Mendoza has a great site with some great local music information on it.
Check out My Week In Music Magazine.

I also added Brooke's blog a couple weeks ago. Brooke works in radio so she gets some opportunities behind the scenes that make her site a fun read. Check out This Rain Delay.

Stephen Kallao is back on local radio, taking over the airwaves on Sophie 103.7 on weekends. He's also launched his photography site, Whatever Kallao.

Another site popped up recently and it covers all my favorite parts of San Diego. Check out SD Urban.

Last, even though I no longer work in Downtown, the development of the area is still something I pay a lot of attention to. This guy is in the real estate industry, so perhaps skews a different opinion than my own when it comes to development, but he's got a lot of great information, especially in regards to inner workings of the CCDC (Center City Development Corp). Read Urban Living 92101.

As I said, all of these sites are linked in my sidebar. And, a little pride after the jump.

Johanna is crawling! My niece is a speed demon these days.
Check it out here:

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Paul Jamason said...

hey rosemary thanks for the mention. keep up the great blog, it's a terrific resource.