Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pattern Is Movement, Beauty Bar, 3.28.08

An old friend of mine e-mailed and said I haven't been posting as many pictures on my site of late, and I suppose it's true. It takes so much time to upload them and sometimes I just know the results aren't that great, or it's a band I've posted so many times that I just deem it an unnecessary task. But he's right, and I have some pics from the last few weeks that I was too lazy to get around to posting. So the next few posts will be of some of those shows that I've mentioned but failed to really post.

First, there was that amazing band at the Beauty Bar a few weeks ago. They're called Pattern Is Movement and I think like most people at the show that night, my jaw hit the floor by how great they were. Their music was beautiful and the crowd was mesmerized. I wrote about it briefly here, but CityBeat also covered it here.

I don't think I mentioned it, but we invited them over for an after party but they had to get on the road early the next morning and sent me a sweet text message to tell me so. They were two of the nicest guys one can imagine, and further distanced me from my fear of beards. I really look forward to these guys coming back through our town soon.

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