Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Swervedriver Return

It is not a new story that Swervedriver has gotten back together and are touring with friends of SD:DialedIn, Film School, but since everyone insists on posting pics of the band from 15 years ago, I decided to repost a picture of Adam from his in-store at M-Theory last summer where he played before his solo Casbah show the same night. Note he doesn't have the dreads. I doubt in the past 9 months that has changed.

It would be nice to see some current pictures of the band I would say.

Swervedriver and Film School perform at the Casbah on May 30th.
See a video from the Adam Franklin instore after the jump.

Adam Franklin, "Shining Somewhere"

Check out Adam's profile on Hi-Speed Soul Records.

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