Monday, June 29, 2009

Crocodiles Are Spin's "Band To Watch" & Wavves Speaks

Crocodiles are Spin's "band to watch". Read the article here. Or don't.

"If you live there, then you slowly die." That's how Brandon Welchez,
frontman and beat programmer for drone-pop duo Crocodiles, describes his band's
hometown of San Diego. "A lot of the nastiness in our music comes from reacting
to the boring culture there, and the sunshine," adds guitarist Charles Rowell.
"The sunshine can be oppressive."

Obviously I disagree.

In other 'get over yourself' news, Wavves finally spoke about the meltdown in Barcelona on Pitchfork.

Even before Barcelona, there were shows just like that, where it was just a mess and it fucking sucked. But it was to like 25 people in Little Rock, Arkansas or something. I don't really know what to say, but the fact of the matter is that I'm not really that good. I wouldn't say that I'm really like a guitar guy or anything like that. I can get by on the stuff that I play. I like writing and playing the songs. If people think that I'm not going to fuck up, then they're wrong. And if they think this is like the last time I'm going to fuck up, they're wrong too. Because I'm young. I'm kinda stupid. I'm human.


Unknown said...

Can't believe people pay attention to either of these bands.

Unknown said...

YOU pay attention Cullen. Obviously, so much so that you're compelled to write comments. Failed musicians are always the most bitter of others success.

Rosemary Bystrak said...

How is Cullen a failed musician? Jealousy exists in the music scene, no doubt, but you've definitely got the wrong dude.

Unknown said...

I dunno, I guess I call it as I see it. I've noticed something interesting: everyone is entitled to their opinion as long as its positive. No one minds criticism as long as it's positive. They made the songs. I People are entitled to disagree.

Yeah, I guess it's pretty clear that I'm an angry person who has never tried to help out another band or celebrated their good fortune. My old blog never went out of its way to promote other musicians. I haven't opened my home to dozens of touring bands, feeding them and making sure their time in these parts is as good as possible. Some day perhaps I will be redeemed.

Unknown said...

Your comment is hardly intelligent criticism. "Can't believe people pay attention to either of these bands."
It is clear in that comment that you are bummed that THEY are getting attention. Sure, you're entitled to your opinion..and so am I. i would just like to hear you air out your reasons.

Unknown said...

Ah, OK. I see.

You make an ad hominem attack against me in the first place (for a vague, critical statement), then you want my informed opinion. I don't actually think you do. Just in case, however:

The Crocodiles remind me of hoary dark wave acts like Joy Division and Bauhaus, but with canned backing tracks in place of the fluid rhythm sections that made both of those bands exciting. It mixes noise rock and new wave but leaves out my favorite parts of both: the risk-taking of the former and the insistent pulse of the latter.

Is that good enough, or do you need 2000 words on your desk in time for paste up? Or would you like to talk about my musical career again?