Monday, April 21, 2008

Ride The Boogie, Casbah, 4.15.08

It's gonna take some time for me to catch up on the past week, especially since I'm heading down to the Casbah in a few to catch Elf Power, but I thought I'd at least get one post in before I go.

Last Tuesday was my sister's 30th birthday. Our family had dinner at Acapulco's in Old Town, and when we were done, it would've taken too long to go home and get my car and return to the Casbah, so I just had them drop me off. I got there earlier than normal and the bar was mostly empty, and unfortunately, it never really picked up as time went on. I was there to see Ride The Boogie, because I have their record and I like the groove of it, and even though they put on a good show, with so few people in the room, there wasn't a ton of energy. I didn't take too many pics, but here are a couple.

I think they cut their set a little short because of the lack of enthusuiasm in the room, but I think they would've done better making their San Diego debut at a smaller club...Tower Bar or Chaser's perhaps.

The other bands were heavier rockers, particularly Thieves and Liars who required ear plugs even from the patio. Dan came and met me and after the show we took off to see what else was happening around town, deciding on some karaoke at U-31.

It was a good choice because we got to hear the vocal stylings of Erika.

We hung out there for a bit until we called it a night, and though I thought more people would be out, we made the best of the night, which sometimes, is all you can really do.

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