Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Henry Clay People, Ken Club, 4.4.08

Again, I know I've been really brief on my show recaps, but I've been busy. I've been working some overtime at the day job where I have no down time to keep up with things like I did at my last slacker job, and when I get home, I'm usually tired and need to rest up for whatever lies ahead that particular evening. This blog is never supposed to feel like a job or responsibility, yet sometimes I find myself skipping out on things just to keep it updated, so it's times like these when I'm up too late, already thinking about the nap I'm gonna have to sneak in sometime tomorrow.

I didn't write much about the Ken Club show on Friday, but it was awesome and I was glad to have been there, which I briefly mentioned here. Honestly, on this night I wasn't even gonna bring out my camera, but when The Henry Clay People called Alex to the stage and demanded a dance party in the crowd, I had to take it out for just a few snapshots. I love when I get to see a beautiful show in my hood, then just stumble home knowing I have nowhere I have to be and nothing I have to do for the subsequent 48+ hours. It's quite a beautiful feeling.

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