Monday, April 28, 2008

91X X-Session With Death Cab For Cutie

I didn't want to write about Death Cab For Cutie until it happened because I didn't want to jinx myself. I've been to private shows like that where the bands didn't show up, or showed up hours late, or I got there late or whatever, so I just wanted to get there and witness.

I posted last week that I was looking to get in to one of the radio shows, and I want to give a super huge shout to Mat Diablo, the new morning DJ for hearing my call and allowing me to check it out. I see a lot of bands, and I meet a lot of bands, but I didn't expect to get so nervous before seeing DCFC again, but I did. I parked in the wrong parking lot, but that meant that I walked up from the front of the building and the band was all sitting outside hanging out, so big geek me, I walked up and introduced myself until someone from the station took me to where I was supposed to be. Then he laughed at how I just introduced myself. Yeah, big dork right here, but if you could shake Ben's hand, wouldn't you?

As these things go, there's more waiting around than actual performance time, but it was cool because everyone was chatty and swapping Coachella stories in the lobby.

Finally we went into the studio and we were allowed flashless photography. My shutter button on my camera broke off, so I have to MacGyver my camera with a toothpick which is really lame, but here are some pics.

They played five songs:
Brothers on A Hotel Bed
Talking Bird
I Will Possess Your Heart

I believe Mat did an interview after the show, and you can hear the live songs and interview in the morning. It was short, but sweet, and the band sounded beautiful and crisp in the studio surroundings. After the mini-set, their label rep gave everyone a signed poster and we were on our way. He did announce that Death Cab For Cutie will be touring and they'll be in San Diego on June 20 at the Open Air Theatre at SDSU, so save the date. I can't hardly wait.

Death Cab For Cutie Setlist, 4.28.08


Heather Ace said...

Brothers on a Hotel Bed is my favorite Death Cab song!!!! Im so jealous of you, Im in love with Ben G. How many people were there??

JonnyUps said...

so glad you got in! i was tempted to fish around town to spot them, but decided against it!

if you ever need a camera for a show, you can borrow mine. the only problem with mine is that i'm usually connected to it. but i'll donate shots to your blog. ;)

Anonymous said...

Death Cab is always 30 minutes earlier than they are supposed to be to every show. They'll never be late.