Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Tennis- Quite an Emotional Sport

Most people who read this blog probably don't know that in my past life I was a tennis player. I played competitively from the time I was 9, played in high school, finished in the top 10 in the state in junior college, and had a scholarship at my university. I was no pro certainly, but I was decent. I also used to teach in Coronado for a few years. I haven't picked up a racquet more than a dozen times since graduating college; my coach made sure that upon graduation I absolutely hated the sport and I never wanted to get back in it. Now I occasionally have the desire because it's a fun sport, but it's unfortunate that it tends to be the sport of mostly elite, rich snobs, probably second only to golf in its snob factor.

There's a huge mental aspect to tennis, and I certainly had my moments. It's a sport where the only person you can count on is you, and when you mess up, well, that's on you, too. In college, for our awards banquet, we all got mock awards, and I got "Best Self Mutilator" for the giant purple welts I'd give myself on my calves from smacking the shit out of myself with the frame of my racquet. And it was all the time- even when I'd win, no doubt my legs would still have damage. There were also the screams, the talking to oneself, the smacking one's own ass, and the smashing of one's own head, though most of us used the strings.

That's why when I heard about this guy smashing his own head, I had to find the video and post it. It may seem crazy to anyone who doesn't play competitively, but to me, his reaction is, well, kinda normal.

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Daye619 said...

Awesome! I knew of your playing days Rosey. I would follow your stats in the UT daily. You put USIU on the map.