Friday, July 20, 2007

San Diego: Dialed In MIA

I know I was MIA today so sorry to anyone who was dying to read the new commenters talk trash about what a dumb bitch I am, but it's all good now because I finally (FINALLY) made my way into the 21st (and 20th) century and I went and bought a new laptop and an iPod, along with an external harddrive and a wireless router. So there ya go. My absence wasn't for nothing. I'm officially retiring the Felicty era iMac.

I will get to posting about Adam Franklin at the Casbah, Swim Party and the Austin James band at the Beauty Bar, The Corvinas at Kadan, the tickets I have to give away for the Projekt Revolution tour (courtesy of a publicist, I might add), and lots of other tasty nuggets. While I appreciate all the traffic driven by Pitchfork Media, I'd like to get back to my regularly scheduled program and write about the music I love and this amazing (73 degrees/365) city that I call home.

But first, off to Point Loma seafood with my family so I can tell them about all the nice people I've met on the Internets.

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