Friday, July 27, 2007

Tackling Friday Night

So I came up with a plan to manage my Friday night and all the great shows happening tonight.

First stop will be the Whistlestop from 9-10:45 for whomever I can see of The Modlins, Old Man Hands and Red Feathers. From there, I'll head over to BlackBox Studios for The North Atlantic (Cullen's last show!) who are supposed to play around 11:15. And if I time it right and the show goes late as always, I'll finish my night at the Ken Club for Lights On and maybe The Swedish Models if I happen to make it in time.

If I could be everywhere, I would also recommend Pop Noir at the Beauty Bar, and the good punk lineup at Chaser's (certainly that show will get shut down. I'd like to know if any good barfights breakout, especially those started by the employees.)

It's gonna be a good night in San Diego...but first, nothing makes me happier than the food coma I can feel coming on from the lunch I just had at Ponce's with the beverage of the summer, a Tecate Michelada.

Life, sometimes, is sooo good.

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Reelmandy said...

maybe I'll see ya around and we can talk jive like last night :-)