Wednesday, December 18, 2013

New Year's Eve At The Lafayette: Full Lineup & Information

Last week the Casbah held a blind sale for New Year's Eve at the Lafayette. A limited amount of tickets were offered for just $15, and I'm sorry that it only got a mention in my listings and not a devoted post, but things have been a little crazy lately. They sold out pretty quick anyway, but I'd suggest if you're considering going, you buy your tickets now. They went up to $25, and now you can get them for $35, but the price is going to keep going up and I can tell you the show is already over 60% sold out. Of course, there's confusion every year. If you just want tickets, you want to buy them through the Casbah here. However, if you want to reserve a room, all packages include 2 tickets, and you should reserve those through The Lafayette. The reservation system will include the promo code which includes 2 tickets/room. Additional guests will have to purchase tickets separately.

Anyway, the lineup is out and it is pretty exciting. Since Darren's Van will be out on the road (accepting reservations now!), I will once again be working the front door of the event to greet all of the beautiful people.

This year, New Year's Eve at the Lafayette features Transfer, Ziggy Shuffledust, Dead Feather Moon, Blackout Party, Low Volts, In Motion Trio, DJ Beto, and The Visual Underground handling all the cool lights and projections and installations and such.

This has sold out in advance every year. Don't wait! Get your tickets now.

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