Friday, March 06, 2009

Team Abraham Releases 10" to You

Tonight at the Casbah, Team Abraham (myspace) will be hitting the stage and releasing a new 10": Driven by the mystery... I see.. I've had a digital version for about a week and I've found myself throwing it on quite a bit. Sometimes listening intently, sometimes just letting it provide the background for my own ruminations. There's a lot going on in just a few songs, weaving together familiar alt-country sounds with lyricism that doesn't fetishize anything relating to boxcars, beat up cars, drinking whiskey in the country, roadhouse brawling or the legacy of the Civil War. Which is nice, because I have to admit I don't care for any of those things.

Instead, it's a pretty good attempt at capturing a slice of the frustrations and confusions of being 20-something and not sure how everything around you adds up. The people around you who never live up to your expectations and knowing full well you're probably more guilty than any of them of failing the standards you set. Trying to reconcile overeducation and a lack of preparation. And all the attendant self-doubt and insecurity.

But ultimately, the cautious optimism that's mostly unsubstantiated by everything else surrounding. Cause ultimately, what else can you do but hope for the best and turn the setbacks into song?

Gray Ghosts, Lights On, and Evan Way of The Parson Redheads also play tonight.

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