Monday, March 23, 2009

Drew's Blog #3

SXSW was so insane there wasn't a moment for blogging...(this is a good thing) but now here we are, back to the wonderful world of characters numbers microchips....and continuing more adventures in a weird little nation called Texas.

We arrived in Austin on Wednesday night - it's hard to describe quite the insanity at SXSW, the thousands of thousands of drunk onlookers and industry folk, hunting down parties, on the make for free schwag, free beer, free food, free this free that, lusty eyes darting throughout the streets and against the walls, drums from the left, emo bands screaming from the right, harmonicas above you, bouncers waiting below you in the underground sold out is A Clockwork Orange, strapped in your seat, eyes pried open Disneyland parades and strobe lights left right and center, take this drink, here's my number - it's maddening...and it is amazing.

I was taking care of business a bunch, which is too dull to write about, but some hot bands we saw included: Trail of Dead, Richard Swift, Dear and the Headlights. Obits, Tiny Vipers, Tom Brosseau, and God knows who else. Planning shows was made difficult by long lines, and stupid buzz on bands that have already come and gone over the weekend. 1800 bands. Wow wow wow.

Our showcase went well, playing in front of the label for just the second time, afterwards was chaos of was successful and we look forward to coming back!!

Special props go out to Phil and his wife Dina who housed us and made us vegetarian/vegan Indian food for breakfast every morning, they were lifesavers and we thank them much!

San Diego folks were in abundance, and some boozing and hanging was done with Team Abraham, Eric/Heather M-Theory, Writer, Jake, and many more I'm not listing...yalls know who you are!

Last night we played Dallas where I met up with my birth mother and brother...and my name sake nephew, little Drew! He is almost 3 and we had never met. He is shy and plays by himself and doesn't know how to act around pretty girls...I love him already!!

Tonight: Marfa, TX!!!

-- Posted by Drew Andrews, out and about and about, March 2009

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