Sunday, March 07, 2021

CoViD-19: US Reports Lowest Daily Deaths Since November, Lowest Cases in San Diego Since October | Photos: San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Native Mule Deer Can Be Found Freeloading Around San Diego Zoo Safari Park (Taken 3.7.21)

Darren and I had a super fun late night in the speakeasy on Saturday, feeling celebratory about the senate passing the American Rescue Plan, my vaccine, and having hung out with my family for a little while. 

Sunday brought gloomier weather, so we seized the opportunity to hit the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. It has definitely been more crowded lately, of course it being the weekend contributes, but it wasn't so bad as everyone seems to be legit masking and we know the park enough to find more secluded spots. On our way home we stopped at our favorite donut shop, Sesame Donuts on Carmel Mountain Road.

We've been adding a large order of birria from El Panson whenever we got tacos, so when we got home I made quesabirria tacos and they were AMAZING. It's really hard imagining restaurants will ever be a part of our normal lives again, even if the country gets closer to herd immunity. I highly recommend it. It's about $9 for a 32oz container, and comes with half a dozen tortillas, cilantro, onions, and limes. 

Anyway, things are chill around here. My spirit has been high as things appear to be getting dramatically better across the country, though I get so outraged when I see the news reporting on the recall effort in California. It is such a joke, Kevin Faulconer is a failure of a politician, and a report was released that the majority of their funding has come from just a dozen rich donors and it sucks that our system is so rigged that it can be bought and sold by the wealthy. But I'm pretty optimistic the whole thing will fail so I'll temper my rage for another day. Stay safe out there and rock the shot when you're able.


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