Sunday, March 14, 2021

CoViD-19: SDUSD Updates Reopening Plans | GRAMMYs "This Show Has A Lot Of Butts" | Time To Dump Your Big Bank |

Record of the Year GRAMMY Winner Billie Eilish (Taken 11.17.2018)

I didn't sleep at all last night. Like at all. Could not turn the brain off. Which meant a pretty lazy Sunday. We got some time in the backyard in the sun but then took it inside to watch the early broadcast of the GRAMMYs. Nova commented, "this show has a lot of butts" and she wasn't wrong. 
We missed the end though, because we took Nova to stay with my parents. We took Ficus and that didn't go so well because Roxy was there and she's super hyper. When I was a little girl, we owned a dog that bit a relative which resulted in a lawsuit that not only almost lost us our house, but dissolved any relationship my dad had with any of his family which has never been resolved. So even though he loves Ficus, it isn't without extreme fear and caution, which doesn't really give the right energy when dogs are meeting for the first time. For the dogs part, they were mostly okay, though Fi growled a little when Roxy wouldn't get out of her face. But we kept them separated and didn't stay long anyway, being that it was already bedtime for Nova and my mom is feeling like shit after her second Moderna shot. Hopefully she feels better soon. For my dad's behalf, he gave me a big "Sheesh, what is with all that ass on the GRAMMYs?" to which I gave my standard reply, "you're not the demo," though neither am I because I don't super love pop culture's obsession with scantily clad women, either. Of course you have the right to wear what you want and love your body, but when it feels like careers are make or break dependent on appearance, it doesn't quite feel so women's lib to me. 
So this week should be somewhat quiet with the kid gone. SDUSD reissued their reopening plans with a more definitive reopening for April 12, with March 22 the date they've said they'll issue site by site opening plans. My stimulus dropped on Friday but there's outrage that some of the big banks are holding the money until March 17 which is why everyone should move to a local non-profit credit union. And I know I've been one of the many people who appreciated Cuomo's COVID-19 briefings, but I'm sharing a pretty deep article about his abusive behavior over the years. I guess I have PTSD because I thought that was just 'office culture' when white men are the board and the bosses and young women work for them. Times and culture change slowly but gotta keep moving forward. Stay safe out there. 

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