Monday, March 15, 2021

CoViD-19: Get The Vax | Judge Rules Against School Closures |

Spring Is Coming. I wonder if my butterfly will be back this year? (Taken 5.11.21)

I had this big long elaborate intro but it was a little dramatic for no apparent reason, but all I really wanted to convey was that if anyone out there is having a hard time getting a vaccination appointment, please reach out to me. I'm regularly up until 4am and that seems to be the time when CVS puts their appointments online. I've been able to help several people get their appointments and I'm happy to help anyone reading this, too. 

I haven't really gotten through any of my email today and didn't watch any press conferences or anything much of anything today besides cozying up in my warm bed. Maybe I'll get around to it all, but maybe not. Just know that it looks like everything is gonna open up before the kids even have the chance to get back in school, so don't be surprised if we fuck it all up and end up right back where we were. Stay safe out there. 

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