Sunday, April 25, 2021

CoViD-19: Get The Jab | Oscar Night | AZ Audit Chaos | Another Horrific AAPI Hate Crime | US To Support India's COVID Crisis |


I watched the Oscars tonight and then watched as people raged on Twitter about who should've won, the attendees being maskless. I don't know the specific procedures, but Jon Batiste said that he had to fly out early and quarantine for over a week to be able to attend in-person. It's fair to assume everyone was vaccinated and tested, too, so maybe we can quell the rage just a tiny bit. 

Last night while doom scrolling, I also followed a ton of threads about the US failure to aid India, which to me seems blatantly and patently false. Just like allocating extra vaccine to Michigan wouldn't get them out of their surge, the same seems true for India. People gathered by the tens of thousands for political rallies, dropped all common sense mitigations, and gathered by the millions for religious ceremonies after their leadership, just two months ago, declared their COVID battle won. Yes, people are suffering and yes they deserve compassion and aid, but it needs to come from all corners of the planet, and with a trumpish leader like Modi, this was certain to happen. While California can temporarily celebrate going from worst to first, it might serve us well to remember that seemingly small spread can explode within weeks, and the former mayor of San Diego would have us believe that we should just get back to pre-pandemic normal. It's disgusting, really. Follow this thing through, do your part, and let's really get into a safe place before we call it a W.
Last night I was playing around with math, something I do at night when I can't sleep. San Diego's population of 16+ residents is 2,689,348, of whom 904,478 are fully vaccinated. Over the past 3 weeks, we've averaged 232,063 doses administered per week, or 33,152 a day. At this rate, and my math isn't perfect because it's hard to say what the single dose J&J does to the mix, but at the current rate, and taking into account the 1,367,175 who have received a first dose and the 417,695 who have received no doses, all 16+ population could be fully vaccinated within the next 67 days. There was also a lot of talk about why the FDA hasn't approved the 12-15 year olds yet, and I still maintain that they're making sure the eligible adults get another week or two in to get first crack before opening one more age level which may ONLY receive the Pfizer dose if that EUA gets extended. Still, this doesn't account for increases/decreases in supply, but definitely gets us right in the sweet spot of the County's goal of 75% vaccinated in time to drop the tier system on June 15. My math isn't perfect, but that's all super good news, supposing we can fight hesitancy and get our friends and neighbors on board to get the jab. It's on all of us to encourage them to do so. Stay safe out there.   

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