Thursday, April 29, 2021

CoVid-19: CDC Verifies Effectiveness of mRNA Vaccinations On Seniors | Biden "America Is On The Move Again" | SD City Council: With Dems Like These... | A Travel Warning |

This was my first of many pandemic banana breads. (Taken 4.27.20)

It should've been obvious that when the CDC, and subsequently the State and the County updated their mask guidelines, that everyone was going to get it wrong. By emphasizing the "crowd" and focusing on trying to define what exactly is a "small or medium" gathering is, they once again completely blew it. KISS. Keep it simple, stupid. If you're outdoors and may engage or be around non-household people, just wear the goddamn mask. And if you've got kids, set an example and wear a goddamn mask. If you're walking down your block at 10pm and nobody is on the street, you're definitely fine not to wear a mask (vaccinated or not, really). They really blew if for places like the San Diego Zoo or other private spaces that will continue to require masks even though you now think you're exempt because you're not necessarily ever in what anyone would call a "crowd" at a Zoo or Aquarium. 

I said I would watch and comment on Biden's speech, but it was pretty much as expected, especially if you watch the daily media briefings. Hopefully he can push through his major infrastructure, jobs, and families plans through reconciliation because Mitch is a fucking dick and his party will do everything they can to stall shit until midterms. 2022 elections are going to be a really big deal. Maybe some of those old farts will just cease to exist by then. I kinda started taking notes, but instead I'm just putting through the links because it gets a little too nerdy for anyone who doesn't really care or who doesn't think he can get anything done with all these roadblock assholes around. 

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