Friday, April 30, 2021

CoViD-19: Global Cases Surpass 150M | Biden & Harris 100 Days In | Danny Trejo Denounces California Recall | Photos: San Diego Zoo + New Elephants!! | Reopenings: Disneyland, Living Coast Discover Center |

Inhlonipho, a new bull at the San Diego Zoo to form a bachelor herd (Taken 4.29.21)

Last night I was looking at the press page for the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance and learned that there were two new elephants, with the goal of starting a bachelor herd. This explains why we saw the keepers "practicing" with the transport cage a few days after that dude went into Shaba's enclosure. One came from the San Diego Zoo Safari Park and one came from Tucson. We skipped the elephants the last few trips, so I guess this news was from last week and I had to see them today. We also spend some time with the Bairds Tapir who was taking a nice swim with some ducklings. 

As you leave the Zoo, to add to the annoyance of the lady's collecting money for "charity", there's now an anti-vax COVID-is-a-hoax guy with an 8 foot vinyl sign that looks like the kind unions use when they're boycotting a developer. While he has the right to free speech, I wouldn't be sad if someone kicks his ass. I was watching the news and there are maskholes harassing workers at the Trader Joe's in Carmel Mountain and I will probably be going to jail for assault before this whole thing is over because I have no tolerance for these maskholes. At all. 

It was a pretty good day overall though my email took me forever today, so I'm sorry this post is so late tonight. Stay safe out there. 

San Diego Zoo Taken 4.20.21

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