Saturday, April 10, 2021

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My Sister and Niece for Sibling Day (Taken 12.25.2020)

I'm gonna keep it short today because I've given myself shoulder and neck pain from being online all day every day. There's some interesting things to note, however. That J&J factory mistake is rearing its head this week as distribution will see shortages. Michigan is still begging for more vaccine supply when it seems they need to be giving more therapeutics for those testing positive. Meanwhile in San Diego, we're a week past opening day and six days out from Easter and our cases have increased slightly, but I'm more concerned with our R-effective approaching 1 again, after we were down to like .67 a few weeks ago. If that gets over 1, we could get back into trouble, and no thanks to the Supreme Court majority, States will be completely hamstrung if things trigger back to worse or we face another pandemic down the line or if this one evolves and mushrooms again with variants and such. Disneyland is setting to reopen at the end of the month and let's just say we'll be continuing our mostly isolation for some time. I also included a link to steps the Pentagon is taking to counter extremism in the military, and think it should also be implemented across all federal agencies like ICE, Customs & Border Patrol, and across state and local police, sheriff, and other law enforcement agencies. And lastly, I included a link to donate to San Diego River Foundation who are getting a matched grant to create the enrichment centers and parks along the river.

I'm gonna go wrestle one of the cats for the heating pad to put on my neck while I watch the rest of Real World Homecoming on Paramount+. Stay safe out there. 


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