Wednesday, April 21, 2021

CoViD-19: Global 'Cases Surge To Pandemic High' Despite US Vax Progress | Employers Will Be Reimbursed For Vaccination PTO To Staff | Clout Chasing | Earth Day Activities |

Tikka Enjoying Her Catio (Taken 4.19.21)

I couldn't figure out the feeling I had yesterday when I saw certain responses to the verdict, but I'm grateful to Paste for talking it out and identifying it as "clout chasing." There were subdued responses and then enough carnival barking that walking away from social media was probably the most sane thing to do. Everyone is entitled to weigh in and have an opinion on things, but we have to remember not to center ourselves and sometimes stepping back and listening for a beat is the most appropriate response. 

Thursday is Earth Day, so I've linked some things--online and off--happening Thursday and through the weekend. The easiest thing you can do is grab a bucket and a picker and clean up your own street. It's actually amazing how much trash flies out of the bins when the automated trucks come for collection and my busy street gets all kinds of fly-in trash from El Cajon Boulevard's lack of bus stop trash cans or from the nearby convenience and grocery stores. 

We had good news from the County during today's media briefing. The region got 100,000 more vaccines than last week and that is expected to stay consistent or go up in the coming weeks. Dr. McDonald also said that only 203 individuals considered fully vaccinated have tested positive for Sars-CoV-2, and 57% of those were asymptomatic. (These could be teachers, health care workers, or others who get regular testing, or someone who had a known contact of someone positive.) Bear in mind, the County is counting over 846,000 residents fully vaccinated. Of all of those there were zero hospitalizations and zero deaths. The bad news is globally, mostly because of the surge in India, the virus saw it's highest peak of the pandemic. It is unconscionable that we remain more beholden to corporations than to people and refuse to share vaccine 'recipes' with the world, especially when big pharma got billions in taxpayer money to develop vaccines in the first place. 

Besides all that, it was a good day and I'm gonna go have some cocktails with Darren in the speakeasy. Stay safe out there. Get your vaccine.  

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