Thursday, January 27, 2022

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Funani and Amahle (Taken 1.27.22)

My street has regular street-sweeping, on the east side of the street on Mondays and the west side on Thursdays. Obviously this is a major pain in the ass...few homes on my street have off-street parking, and there's a church that is active multiple times of the week until after 9pm, so hunting for parking is rarely easy. We understand it's part of living here and can manage. 

But today we woke up and Darren was like, "just to warn you, when I fell asleep early last night, I forgot it was Thursday and forgot to move the van, so we probably have another ticket."  I don't think I'm alone that parking tickets will ruin your whole day. I don't work to just hand over $52.50 to the City of San Diego. It's even more frustrating when they send the parking enforcement officer around but the sweeper never shows up. It makes me crazy. 

Fortunately, Darren forgot I'd used the van earlier in the week and it was on the correct side so there was no ticket. But just the thought of a ticket, kinda made me grumpy the whole damn day. So naturally to get out of my funk, after knocking out my work, I went to the San Diego Zoo for my afternoon steps and sunshine, but it got cut to just an hour when I found out my niece was playing soccer at Nova's school. So around 4, we called in some tacos to El Panson, and feasted while High Tech High beat Hoover High girls in soccer. I'm not gonna lie, it was hard to watch because Nova is a super good soccer player but she's lazy and unmotivated and didn't want to try out because she didn't want to have to practice every day, clearly missing that making friends and bonding with other people is the whole point of the deal. Lacrosse is coming soon and she makes a million excuses not to try out. I'm trying to let her have her high school experience on her own terms, but she is flailing and miserable and not bonding or making friends and it super duper sucks for her and for us.  

After the game, Nova went to piano and I'm trying to blaze through this post because we still have to run to Chula Vista to help my dad, pop by the Casbah, and then I have to create two newsletters to schedule for the morning and I could really use a cocktail or four tonight. 

Stay safe out there.   

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