Friday, January 14, 2022

CoViD-19: CDC Finally Updates Mask Guidance | Cal/Osha Update Requires No Symptoms + Negative Test For Return To Work | Russia "Prepping Pretext" For Invading Ukraine |


Baby Tapir's Not So Little Anymore. Look At That Face!! (Taken 1.14.22)

I feel like there was a lot more news today, but I'm super tired and we still have to go to Chula Vista to help my mom with my dad's transfer from chair to bed, so if there's anything that was super pressing that I didn't link, I'll maybe do a weekend post. Just know that there won't be new data until Tuesday and then that will be all backed up and meanwhile the Blood Bank is in crisis, hospitals are spilling out, and you're best off just minimizing your time in public as much as you're able. 

I would take my own advice, but we are due for a Costco run, and I needed to have an afternoon where my ass wasn't planted on the couch with this laptop on it, so I went back to the San Diego Zoo today. It didn't feel as crowded as it had on Tuesday, thankfully, and I noticed far more people in masks --- good masks at that --- so apparently the messaging is getting through, at least a little more than before. I'll probably wait out the Costco run as long as I can and definitely not do it this weekend. 

I'm looking forward to a very chill weekend and lots of catching up on sleep since the little demons woke me up after 3 hours of sleep to let me know it was time to eat and I never quite got back to sleep from that. I think there are a lot of new shows and movies rolling out on streaming so maybe I'll fire up the popcorn machine and have myself some movie nights. Or maybe I'll finish reading future apocalyptic war stories about US vs China vs Russia in 2034: A Novel of the Next World War. Or maybe I'll just do nothing and totally enjoy it all. 

Stay safe out there. 

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